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Savor Chat- A Better Group Chat for Facebook and Twitter

Savor Chat lets you to have group chat with your Facebook and Twitter connections, in a single chat room.

You can login via your Facebook or Twitter account. Savor Chat loads your avatar from your profile, depending that whether you login via your Facebook or Twitter account. You can invite as many friends you want, to this chat room and can have a group chat with them.

As the chat room administrator, you can control the chat room duration, hashtags to use and all other stuff. You can also set the privacy of chat room to be public or private.

Its completely free to use. You should try Savor Chat now.

Savor Chat


  • Group chat for Facebook and Twitter
  • Chat with your friends of Twitter and Facebook in single chat room
  • As an admin, controls the time duration of chat room and other stuff
  • Login via either Facebook or Twitter
  • Free to use

Savor Chat Says

Savor Chat is a very simple FREE group chat application for Facebook and Twitter users.
Finally, an application that brings Facebook and Twitter users closer than ever!

Web Says

Savor Chat– A Better Group Chat for Facebook and Twitter




TweetTunes – realtime music buzz on Twitter

TweetTunes is a mashup of Twitter and Last FM. TweetTunes searches twitter for recent tweets of various artists and displays some useful information about the same.

You can view recent artists being tweeted about or artists at random as well as the all time best artists that have been discussed on Twitter.


  • Displays artists and bands most talked on Twitter
  • Mashup of Twitter and Last FM
  • Nice way to view the latest tweets and information about your favorite artists

TweetTunes Says

TweetTunes is a Twitter application on the web. It takes information about artists and bands from Twitter and processes this information so that it is viewable by you. It is powered by Twitter and Last FM.



  • @tweet_tunes – Showing you Realtime Music Buzz on Twitter. – Tweets on Google maps in an awesome way displays tweets on Maps. Based on location details it can show tweets originating near you. You will see profile pics of users who tweet. When you mouse over the profile pics, you’ll be able to view the latest tweet of the user originating from the area where it appears. can be a fun way to view tweets and useful too since you get to view tweets in your area thus giving you a hang of what’s happening around you.


  • View tweets on Google Maps
  • Users displayed on a map
  • View tweets near you Says is a simple web based Twitter client paired with Google Maps. See what’s happening around you, let others know what you’re doing or broadcast your thoughts & location with live video.



Mashups from linkstore – a directory of useful mashups

Mashups from linkstore is a directory which contains loads of tiny little mashups. What made me cover it here on Twi5? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that all these apps have been made by a single developer!

I knew Russians were good at programming but this proves they are not only good but fast and hardworking as well! Hats off to the developer of these mashups.


Photomap lets you view photos that were published near your area. All you need to do is select your location on a map and all pics uploaded from that area would be displayed to you. This is a really cool mashup and I liked it a lot.

Social Search

Social Search lets you view all the social info about a particular user that Google can search and provide.

Local Twitters

LocalTwitters lets you find twitter users near you. You just need to specify your location on a map and all twitter users near that area would be displayed to you.

Geo Search

GeoSearch will search for local information as well as tweets and pics from an area specified by you on a map.

Tweet Street View

Tweet Street View as the name suggests displays the street view of the tweets location that you want.


Dialogues is one of the most useful mashups that will help you track a conversation that happens between twitter users.


  • Mashup of twitter apps
  • View tweets on a street, geo located tweets, photo stream
  • View dialogues between twitter users
  • Search users on a map


Follow – twitter and delicious mashed up for awesomeness is a simple bookmarking mashup which lets you bookmark all links that you tweet on Twitter.

The site comes with a few options such as bookmarking only URLs that appear in @replies or in tweets that you mark as favorite. Hashtags present in the tweets would be used as tags for the bookmark. The full text of the tweet would be included as part of the bookmark comment.

I guess I’m off to piping together my twitter and delicious accounts with this app, I suggest you do the same. Even if you do not use delicious often, this is probably the easiest way to find those links you had probably tweeted months ago and are in need of now!


  • Mashup of Delicious and Twitter
  • Saves links in tweets as delicious bookmark
  • Bookmark links in @replies, favorite tweets or all tweets that contain link
  • Hashtags in tweets used as tag for the bookmark
  • Tweet text used as bookmark comment Says

This site provides a simple bookmarking service. We follow your twitter feed, and whenever a status you tweet or re-tweet contains URLs, we add them to your bookmarks. Optionally, bookmark URLs in @replies to you, and in tweets you mark as Favorites.



BuzzCanTweet – Tweet your Buzz

BuzzCanTweet lets you post your Google Buzz updates to Twitter.

Buzz by default allows you to have your twitter updates pulled into Buzz but there’s no way right now to have your Buzz pushed into your twitter account.

BuzzCanTweet uses Twitter oAuth and Google oAuth for authentication.

Your buzz will automatically be sent to Twitter and will include a link back to your buzz, which means that all your Twitter followers can enjoy all photos, videos etc without having to follow you on Buzz. Messages can be longer than 140 characters as your followers can just hit the link to read the rest.

All your Buzz content will be shared, whether you send it from Gmail, Google Maps or any other Buzz client. Above that, Buzz imported from twitter would not be posted back to your twitter stream either.


  • Post your Buzz to twitter
  • Uses oAuth for authentication
  • Tweets will have link back to Buzz
  • Share videos, photos anything

BuzzCanTweet Says

Your buzz will automatically be sent to Twitter and will include a link back to your buzz, which means that all your Twitter followers can enjoy all photos, videos etc without having to follow you on Buzz. Messages can be longer than 140 characters as your followers can just hit the link to read the rest.


Follow – easiest way to share your location on twitter, really! makes sharing your location with your twitter firends a snap!

Just enter your location in the search box, hit the ‘Shorten’ button, enter any comments you wish to include and a short URL ready to be shared on twitter is displayed on the screen. That’s it! You can now proceed to share it with any of your friends on twitter or any other social network.

There’s no registration required to use this service.


  • Share your location with your twitter friends
  • No registration required
  • Include comments while you share your location Says allows you to create a Short URL for any geographic location on a Google Map.
You can then tweet this URL along with a short message. Its a great way to share a location/address for meetings, get-togethers on Twitter or any other social networking site.


  • – Share your location on a map with your twitter friends


  • @qui_tw – Generate short urls for map locations

Twootles – search google and twitter simultaneously

Twootles is a simple mashup of twitter and google search. The interface is clean and simple making it an ideal choice if all you intend to do is search twitter and Google.

The result page is divided into two with the left half displaying the Google search results and the right half displaying twitter search results. Since twitter is real-time, search results for twitter are automatically updated.


  • Search Google and twitter simultaneously
  • Simple and clean interface


Twootles Says

Always wanted to search on Google and Twitter?
Well, now you can! Twootles let’s you search on Google and Twitter at the same time.


  • Twootles – Search google and twitter simultaneously


  • @twootles – search google and twitter simultaneously! Follow the search stream from twootles_search, or hashtag #twtls

GeoChirp – find, follow and know what’s happening near you

GeoChirp is a mashup between twitter and Google Maps. The site helps you find and follow interesting twitter users near you.

Your location is identified automatically by the application and tweets originating from places near you are displayed. Such tweets can help you stay abreast of news in your area. Imagine you being one of the first to know about a new restaurant being opened in your city, a new sale in town etc.

A better example straight from the site :

If you want to search for people Tweeting about ‘Golf’ in Richmond, Virginia, you can just select the area in the map, set the radius within 1-50 miles of that area, enter the keyword “Golf” or any other related keyword and BOOM you have all the people Twittering about ‘Golf’ in Richmond, Virginia.

You can search for keywords of interest, select an area on the map and specify the radius within that area. All tweets originating from the specified area on the map would be displayed to you.


  • Mashup of Twitter and Google Maps
  • Find and Follow twitter users near you
  • Find tweets in an area on the map
  • Auto Refresh
  • Subscribe to RSS feed of your search result


GeoChirp Says

GeoChirp helps you search for people Twittering for specific things in a specific area.


  • GeoChirp – Google Maps and Twitter mashup


  • @geochirping – Official account of – Twitter Google Maps mashup to find location specific tweeples
  • @rohitsengar –  GeoChirp’s Main Programmer, working at CueBlocks

Heapr – Search Google, Twitter and WolframAlpha together!

Heapr is a search mashup that lets you search Google, Twitter, WolframAlpha, Flicr etc. at the same time.

You can choose between a simple web search, images as well as videos. Results obtained from a combination of sites can be really helpful in helping you find solutions to your problems faster.

The site provides a browser plugin as well.


  • Search Google, Twitter, WolframAlpha, Flickr etc. together
  • Search mashup
  • Browser plugin available



  • Heapr – Search Google, Twitter, WolframAlpha and Flickr