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Instamazing- Real Time Instagram Photos Around You

Instamazing is a web-based app for Instagram that lets you to search for real-time Instagram photos taken around you.

It’s not kind of app, that offers you a huge list of features, but the count of features does not matter, only the importance and use of the features does matter. Right? This is what we believe and same is what Instamazing believes. You can use Instamazing to search for real-time Instagram photos and can set the location filter as well, to see the photos uploaded around you. You can also search for photos by tags or users.

It does not cost you even a single penny. You should try Instamazing now.


  • Search for real-time Instagram photos
  • Search for Instagram photos taken around you
  • Search for photos by tags or users


Instamazing Says

Check out what is being uploaded on Instagram, by people around you. Instamazing keeps updating continuously, and thus shows you the real-time photos.

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Instamazing– Real Time Instagram Photos Around You



Tweepz- Find People To Follow On Twitter

Tweepz is an awesome web-based tool to find the interesting people, worth to follow on Twitter. Search for users based on names, locations and keywords.

Using Tweepz is very simple. Point your browser to their site, enter keyword and hit enter. The Twitter users, relevant to that keyword, will be right there in front of you.

By default, the search results are shown starting from the user with most no. of followers being on the top of list, followed by lower one and so on. You can refine your search according the follower’s count range and according  to the year of account creation.

Interesting tool? Isn’t it?  It’s time to follow some interesting people on Twitter. So what are you waiting for ? Give Tweepz a try now.


  • Search people on Twitter of same interest as you
  • Search people based on name, location and keyword
  • Refine your results for more ease
  • Free to use

Tweepz-Find People To Follow on Twitter

Tweepz Says

Twitter is a fairly boring place if there’s nobody interesting you are following – but it’s always been an issue to find interesting people. That’s where tweepz comes in! See us as the whitepages for twitter. Search for twitter accounts based on names, locations and keywords.

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Tweepz– Find People To Follow On Twitter



Weet- Twitter Client For iPhone

Weet is a Twitter client for iPhone with some cool features to enhance your experience of using Twitter on your iPhone.

The simple user interface is the feature that I like the most in this app. Instapaper and Read It Later services to allow you to read the tweets later. Customize the Twitter, the way you want. Assign different colors to different users and assign tabs for easy access. Some well known Twitter tools like, CloudApp, MobyPicture, Posterous, Twitpic and TwitVid comes built-in with this app. Post longer tweets with twtmore.

Moreover, you can manage your multiple Twitter accounts with this app. In short, Weet can also be tagged as house of all best tools and services developed for Twitter.

You should give Weet, a try now.


  • Simple and Clean user interface
  • Read It Later and Instapaper support
  • Twtmore support
  • Quick access to your conversations
  • Notification via BoxCar
  • Multiple account support

Weet Says

Weet is powered by the greatest third-party services available., CloudApp, MobyPicture, Posterous, Twitpic, TwitVid, Twtmore are some third-party services included in this app.

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Weet– Twitter Client For iPhone




InstaEarth- Popular Instagram Photos From Around The World

InstaEarth is a web-based app for Instagram that is developed to make you aware from the most popular Instagram Photos from around the world.

The popular images are shown on map along with their location. You can click on the photo for larger view. Along with the photo, the username of the person who uploaded that picture is also shown. You can browse other photos by that particular user or can follow him/her within this app (sign in required).

By signing in using your Instagram account, you can view your feed, photos, and photos liked by you. You can search for photos nearby you or near any address.

So what are you waiting for? You should try InstaEarth now.


  • View popular Instagram photos from around the world
  • Sign in with your Instagram account to see photos liked by you
  • Search for photos nearby you
  • Free to use


InstaEarth Says

InstaEarth allows you to see popular photos from around the world. Search for photos liked by you (sign in required), photos nearby you and photos based on location.

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InstaEarth– Popular Instagram Photos From Around The World




TwitterVision- Locate The Tweets

Twitter is one of the best way to virtually come across the people from all over the globe. You can use Twitter to find out the trend going in any particular part of world by tracking  behavior of tweets. Normally you see the tweets on your Twitter account. As Twitter does not offer you the location tracking feature, so you can’t come to know that from where the tweets are coming.

But you don’t need to worry about it as you can do this task with the Twitter tool named, TwitterVision. TwitterVision is  a great Twitter tool to track the location of tweets. You can use this tool to see that which tweet is coming from which part of world. You can see that what the people of Africa (or any other location, of course) are tweeting about. What’s the trendy topic in India, or in your locality.

Using the site is very simple. Just point your browser to their site and you will end up with 2D map on the homepage. If you don’t wish to work with 2D map, then you can also opt for 3D map. There you can see the whole globe on your screen. Clicking any particular location will show you tweets coming from that location. You can also click the Photos option on the top left to see the photos uploaded on Twitter by users from the location you selected. You can also allow this site to track your location which works on your IP address.

This service is completely free to use. You should give it a try now.


  • Track the location of tweets
  • Check the trendy tweets nearby you
  • Use 2D or 3D map to track location, depending on your taste
  • Completely free to use



TwitterVision Says

Don’t know, from the where the tweets are flooding on your timeline? Use TwitterVision to track the Geo location of tweets.

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TwitterVision– Locate The Tweets



Tweeting Earth- Search Tweets From Each Timezone

Are you a part of ever-growing micro blogging website, Twitter? Well, you might be. If you are Twitter user then you must be familiar with the search feature offered by Twitter that lets you to search for any tweet. Although, the search task seems to be simple but in fact it’s not so. Due to high load of tweets on Twitter coming in the count of thousands per second from the users staying at different corners of the globe, make it tough to search for tweets and you may end up with the unsatisfied results.

Well, if it has already happened with you then it’s time to move on and go somewhat advanced. Tweetingearth is the Twitter tool that offers you better facility for finding the tweets. Just move on to their website and there you can search for tweets from each timezone. Simply scroll-up your mouse to go west and scroll-down the mouse to go east side of earth. This search facility is very good as you can get the knowledge of stats of any particular tweet and can also check that which tweet is coming most times from which geographical location.

Moreover, you can search for tweets by adding keywords.  You can enter the keywords on the top in right side of the web page. This service is completely free to use and no registration is required to use it.

You should give Tweetingearth, a try now.


  • Search tweets from each timezone
  • Get the count of tweets in any particular region
  • Check the most hot region to post any particular tweet
  • Search for tweets by adding keywords
  • Completely free to use


Tweetingearth Says

Tweetingearth allows you to search tweets from any timezone of your choice. You can also search for tweets by adding keyword in the search box.

Web Says 

Tweetingearth– Search tweets from each timezone on Tweeting Earth.

Spiggler – Tweets on the Streets

Spiggler takes tweets with location information attached and plots them on a map. See who’s tweeting in your neighbourhood, local news, travel reports etc.

Spiggler supports twitter, facebook and foursquare.


  • Plots tweets with location information on a map
  • Supports twitter, facebook and foursquare

Spiggler Says

The spiggler mapporrific convulgence service makes humble requests to Twitter’s divulgification stream to see what’s o’twittering. Any little tweets served with a garnish of GPS are conmapulated via our patently pondering geowonk engine and spewed onto a Google map.