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Instasave HD- Browse Instagram Easily on iPad

Instasave HD allows you to use Instagram on your iPad, in the way, that you always hoped for.

As an Instagram user, you must be familiar that how hard it is to save and share Instagram photos. Instasave HD brings convenience in this task. You can easily share your Instagram photos on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

This app also comes with its own camera and filters that you can use to enhance your Instagram photos, before sharing them.  You can take the photos with this app and then can send them to your Instagram account within this app itself.

Instasave HD is free to use but by paying $2.99, you can get access to full features, better camera features and effects.

So what are you waiting for? Give Instasave HD a try now.


  • Browse Instagram easily on iPad
  • Send photos to Instagram
  • Share your Instagram photos on other social networks
  • Comes with good filters and effects to use in photos

Instasave HD- Browse Instagram Easily on iPad

Instasave HD says

Instasave HD is everything you want IG to be. Save to roll and share to Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, messages and email.

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Instasave HD– Browse Instagram Easily on iPad




Iris- Enjoy a Better Instagram on Your iPad

Iris is an Instagram app developed for iPad that lets you to have more fun with Instagram on your iPad.

It provides you a beautiful and simple way to browse Instagram on your iPad. It provides easy way to connect with your friends and to browse, like and comment on their photos. You can share photos on Twitter within this app. In short, Iris allows you to enjoy the Instagram and view the pictures in the way, that you always hoped for.

It’s completely free to use and is compatible with iPad (iOS 5.0 or later). You should give Iris, a try now.


  • Double tap any photo from anywhere in the application to like or unlike a photo.
  • Share photos on twitter simply by tapping enlarged photos.
  • Comment on friends photos and find new people to follow with an easy-to-use search.
  • Browse popular photos. You never know who you might run across!
  • See where friends and users have taken photos with geo-location.

Iris- Enjoy a Better Instagram on Your iPad

Iris Says

Iris is an Instragram client for the iPad that enables you to do virtually everything you can do in Instagram. Browsing thru photos with Apple’s beautiful “Retina Display” is breath taking.

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Iris– Enjoy a Better Instagram on Your iPad



Instapad- Instagram Gallery For iPad

Enhance your Instagram experience on your iPad by using Instapad. It’s an Instagram app developed for iPad.

Instapad lets you to enjoy all the features of Instagram on your iPad. You can search for photos and users, can follow them, can like the photos, can make comments and lots more with this app, on your iPad. Instapad brings the life to your photos and lets you to view them in a way, that you can’t get with any other app on screen of your iPad.

Instapad runs on iOS 4.0 or higher. It costs you $ 2.99, which is nothing as compared to fun that you are going to have by using it.

You should give Instapad, a try now.


  • Instagram Gallery For iPad
  • Search for photos and users
  • Like and comment on photos
Instapad- Instagram Gallery For iPad
Instapad Says

Browse popular photos, search for users, follow others, favorite and comment on photos. Instapad also let’s you see all your feeds, so you can keep up with what followers are doing.

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Instapad– Instagram Gallery For iPad




Copygram- Share, Print and Back Up Your Instagram Photos

Just seen some mind-blowing photos in your Instagram account and want to take a backup of them or to get them printed and delivered at your doorstep? Then, Copygram is made for you.

Copygram allows you to take backup of Instagram photos and to download them in .ZIP format. You can like, comment, follow and unfollow other users, within this app. It’s a web-based app and in order to use it, you need to sign in using your Instagram account. After logging in, select your favorite photos or search them using the hashtags and usernames. That’s it. Either download the photos in .ZIP format or get them delivered at your doorstep in the printed format.

It’s totally free to use (printing service is not free). You should try Copygram now.


  • View and share Instagram photos anywhere on the web
  • Go social – Follow, Comment, and Like your favorite photos and feeds
  • Back up your entire feed and worry no more
  • Print and share the grams you love the most in our brand new print shop
  • Browse with ease – Copygram is iPad and desktop compatible

Copygram Says

Access, Share, and Secure Instagram content By using your favorite device – may it be your desktop, laptop or iPad – We’ve have got you covered.

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Copygram– Share, Print and Back Up Your Instagram Photos



La Twit- Rich-Featured Twitter Client For iOS

La Twit is a rich-featured Twitter client for iOS 3.0 devices that lets you to enjoy you Twitter in the way, that you always hoped for.

Manage your multiple Twitter accounts and send one tweet to your them at single instant. It also supports the, helping you to send your message to many social networking sites. Live updates from your friends on Twitter, are shown immediately and pictures can also be viewed within the app.

The links are highlighted making it easy to find them and preview feature allows you to view the webpage to which any particular link points. Links can be shortened and you can also make tweet with more than 140 characters.

So what are you waiting for? Give La Twit a try now.


  • TwitPic image preview displayed directly in the timeline view.
  • Post to
  • Send a single message to multiple sites and accounts
  • Landscape mode to enhance your experience
  • Color coding of messages by account
  • Fully customizable navigation bar

La Twit Says

La Twit is a full-featured Twitter client for iOS devices that allows you to use Twitter, the way you hoped for. Lots of amazing features that you can’t find in any other Twitter client.

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La Twit– Rich-Featured Twitter Client For iOS


Instablast- Notifications From Favorite Instagrammers

Following too many people on Instagram? Then, you must be finding it very hard to go through the updates coming from all users.

But not checking the updates from your favorite Instagrammers, due to the flood up of too many updates, is not any wise idea at all. Instablast is an iOS app that you must try to end this problem.

Instablast is an iOS based app that lets you to get updates from your favorite users. It allows you to select your favorite Instagrammers from your Instagram account and to get updates from them immediately, whenever they upload new pictures. You no longer need to check your Instagram feed again and again.

It’s available for iOS 4.0 or higher devices. You should give Instablast, a try now.


  • Receive update from your favorite Instagrammers
  • No need to check your Instagram feed again and again
  • Don’t miss any single update, while on the move

Instablast- Get Notifications From Your Favorite Instagrammers

Instablast Says

Instablast lets you know when your favorite Instagrammers post new photos. Set up push notifications to alert you when new stuff appears in your feed.

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Instablast– Notifications From Favorite Instagrammers



Birdhouse- A Notepad For Twitter

Birdhouse works as Notepad for Twitter on your iPhone. There might have been chances when your mind got struck with many ideas that could be converted into tweets, but you forgot them to post.

Nothing like this will happen with you if you use Birdhouse on your iOS device. It’s like notepad that lets you to save your tweets in it and that also with the 140 characters limit. You can save as many tweets you want, the tweets, that you wish to be there on your Twitter timeline later.

You can also draft the tweets with stars for easy finding. You can publish these saved tweets from multiple Twitter accounts. And yes the best thing is that you can manage all these activities via email.

The app is completely free to use and is available for iOS devices, i.e iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You should give Birdhouse, a try now.


  • Quickly jot down your ideas, just like in Notes
  • Count down to 140 characters, just like in Twitter
  • Capture your ideas offline, even in Airplane mode
  • Manage and publish from multiple Twitter accounts
Birdhouse Says
Ever think of something for your Twitter that you don’t want to post right away? Birdhouse is the perfect place to put it.

Birdhouse won’t replace your favorite iPhone Twitter client, it’ll add to it. Put Birdhouse right next to your Twitter client and use them together.

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Birdhouse– A Notepad For Twitter




Tweetings- Twitter Client For iOS

We at Twi5, do our best to review the app that are worth to give try. So in this ongoing series of reviews, we are here with the review of Tweetings, a Twitter client for iOS.

This app is designed to give you a desktop type experience of Twitter on your iOS based device iPhone or iPad. All Twitter desktop version’s features related to posting tweets are included in this app. The inline preview feature makes it possible to preview the images and videos within the app.

You can shorten URL and can use Twitlonger to post tweets longer than 140 characters. Searching for trending topics and tweets have become easy with the Tweetings. Apart from these basic features that you can find in almost every Twitter client, the unique feature of Tweetings that I would like to mention here is its customizable ability. This app enables you to control your Twitter account in the real sense. You can customize it, the way you want.

Offline tweets can be scheduled to read and images/videos can be uploaded by this app.

Lemme stop here otherwise the article will never end due to long list of its features. So I pointed out the major features here.

Still thinking to use it? Come on, you should give Tweetings, a try now.


  • Mute users, hashtags and more
  • Inline photo viewing & view your timeline in photos
  • Roll your own custom color themes and share them with others
  • – Instant push notifications for direct messages, @ mentions

Tweetings Says

Tweetings is a Twitter client for the iPhone with an extensive feature list including lists, push, geolocation and syncs your timeline with your Mac or iPad!

Follow your friends tweets, share your photos & videos, view conversations, who’s nearby and find out what’s trending at the moment.

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Tweetings– Twitter Client For iOS



Osfoora HD- Twitter App For iPad

If you have been looking for all-in-one Twitter client for your iPad for a long time, then here is the end of your search, as I just came through an awesome app called Osfoora HD and after trying it on my iPad, I decided to took some time to write a review of it. So here I am with its review.

Osfoora HD is an awesome Twitter client with all basic and some advanced features as well. You can customize your Twitter account right from your iPad. You can change the font size to suit your needs and also can change the refresh rate. The notifications are sent via BoxCar app and Twitlonger support is included in this app that lets you to tweet more than 140 characters.  You can easily create and manage Twitter lists and can search for nearby tweets. Some other basic features like multiple Twitter account support, send and receive messages, upload photos/videos etc. are also part of amazing features list of Osfoora HD.

Osfoora HD is like a blessing for iPad users and Twitter addicted. I have this app already on my iPad. What about you? You should give Osfoora HD, a try now.


  • Change the font size and themes
  • Notifications via BoxCar app
  • Set the refresh rate according to your need
  • Full profile control
  • Search for tweets geographically
  • Multiple Twitter account’s support

Osfoora HD Says

Osfoora HD for Twitter is a blazing fast and clean twitter client for your iPad. Provides elegant and easy access to all of Twitter’s functionalities. Osfoora HD has all the features of Osfoora for iPhone and more.
With a gorgeous user interface, multiple account support, optional full landscape mode (customizable), text expander, boxcar support, twitter lists, nearby tweets, and the ability to tweet songs… using twitter becomes a joy!

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Osfoora HD– Twitter App For iPad




Twitbird- Twitter App For iPhone & iPad

If you have been looking for a Twitter app for your favorite gadget iPhone, then Twitbird is the app that puts end to your search. Along with the iPhone, it has support for iPod touch and iPad. The app comes with three awesome themes’ package, all offering intuitive user interface. In fact, this app brings all the features at one place, that you get in different Twitter clients.

It supports Landscape mode for quick tweeting and allows you to tweet the photos and videos that you are listening to. The inline preview feature enables you to preview images and videos within the app. You can share your location via your tweets with Get tag feature. You can search for trending topics with proper ease and can get the tweet updates from your nearby. Multiple Twitter accounts is another awesome feature of Twitbird.

It’s available in free version that comes with some annoying ads. But that’s not any problem as you can opt for pro versions, once you are satisfied with this app. You should give Twitbird a try now.


  • Landscape support throughout for quick tweeting
  • Save links for reading later
  • Inline photo previews
  • Geo tag your tweets to share your location
  • Available in free version

Twitbird Says

Twitbird is a super-fast Twitter client loaded with unique features that’s a joy to use on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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Twitbird– Twitter app for iPhone & iPad