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TweetCalories – how many calories do you burn tweeting?

TweetCalories calculates the amount of calories you spend tweeting!

I know, you must be eager to find out! Give it a try, it’s the easiest way to find out how many calories you have spent tweeting.


  • Find the amount of calories spent tweeting
  • Easy and fun app

TweetCalories Says

Tweet calories performance test



    @tweetCalories – Calcule quantas calorias você perde twittando durante 24h por dia

UTweet – View visualized tweets, it’s amazingly awesome!

UTweet displays tweets in a never before seen visual representation.

To start using the site, you just need to enter your twitter username or a search keyword. The site displays the profile image of users along with their tweets in a very unique way.

Basically, it’s a music video of your tweets which you can share with friends!

Another site that I like a lot for its unique way of displaying tweets is VisibleTweets.


  • Music video of tweets
  • Visualize your tweets

UTweet Says

Visualize your tweets


  • UTweet – Visualize your tweets – decorate your tweets with unicode, add umbrellas, snowman, smily, stars and what not! helps you update your twitter status with decorated status updates. I have to say, “I totally LOVED this simple twitter app”.

You can choose what symbols to add and tweet it right from the app. There’s twitter oAuth integration so no worries of giving away your password. The app comes from the makers of Mixero (another great and understated product IMO).

So, all you folks out there, if you want to decorate your tweets with symbols such as the snowman, umbrella, music, sun, clouds, airplane, clock, stars, arrows etc. head over to

❤ is here to spread some love ☺it’s my sunshine ☀ my umbrella when it rains ☂ and my music wen I’m in pain ♬


  • Decorate your tweets with unicode characters
  • Add music symbol to tweets
  • Add clouds, snowman, heart, smily, stars, arrows etc. to tweets
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication Says

Decorate your tweets using unicode characters and get 100% Twitter fun.
Express your feelings and emotions using these pictures on Twitter.


  • – Decorate your tweets


  • @mixero – The new generation Twitter client for people who value their time and are tired of information noise.

TwellWishes – send well wishes to your followers on their birthdays

TwellWishes is a Twitter app that allows Twitter users to send well wishes to their followers for birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or whatever you like.

TwellWishes also doubles as a reminder service so that no one’s birthday is ever forgotten.  Every user has a link to give out which allows people to add themselves to that user’s birthday list.  When a birthday rolls around, everybody with that birthday on their list will be reminded with one simple tweet.  They can send a tweet to that person from within TwellWishes or they can send a virtual gift such as a cake or a frosty cup of beer.

The creators of TwellWishes got the idea after noticing there was no way to keep track of followers’ birthdays.  Facebook users get that information automatically, but on Twitter you only see birthdays in passing.  Furthermore, you usually end up with some kind of gift for your birthday, so they thought it’d be neat to open up a virtual gift store.  Users can send gifts with either credits or cash (via PayPal).  Everybody has a chance at 100 free gift credits if they enter their birthday the first time they use the app.  When they run out of credits, they can easily purchase more.  For $1, $5, or $7, they get 100, 500, or 1000 more gift credits, respectively.  Also, users can earn gift credits when they send gifts with cash via PayPal.


  • Add your birthday and have your friends add theirs, send gifts when it matters
  • 100 credits free to start with, more can be bought later
  • Birthday reminder service for Twitter


TwellWishes Says

TwellWishes is a date reminder service for Twitter users.



  • @twellwishes – TwellWishes is your Twitter friend’s birthday reminder app. Well Wishes in 140 characters or less…Start your list in 3 easy steps. 🙂

TweeterClubs – create conversations with fellow twitter users

TweeterClubs aims to be a one stop twitter app that would let twitter users create clubs and have a conversation.

Currently, the site doesn’t allow you to create clubs, but they intend to do so soon. You basically sign in using Twitter and then start tweeting from the site. Your tweets are displayed to club members as well as tweeted to your timeline.

Current Hot Topics are displayed so that you can join the conversation.


  • Join conversations with other twitter users
  • Create your own club (coming soon)
  • Uses Twitter oAuth for authentication


TweeterClubs Says

Using TweeterClubs is simple – just log in with your Twitter account and enter your tweet on the TweetUp tab. Your tweet will appear in both the club and on Twitter automatically.

TweeterClubs will only show the tweets that come from the club members – when you log in, you are automatically a member.


  • TweeterClubs – Use TweeterClubs for Twitter conversations!


TweeterValue – how much is your Twitter account worth?

TweeterValue is a simple twitter app that calculates the total worth of your Twitter account. You just need to type in the username of the Twitter account you wish to check the value of and TweeterValue would calculate its worth for you.

The site makes use of a number of parameters such as Followers, Following, tweets etc. to calculate the worth of a Twitter account.


  • Calculate the worth of a Twitter account
  • Takes number of followers, following, tweets etc into account


TweeterValue Says

This is – a website serving one purpose, to put a price on the value of your Twitter account. Now we know that the buying and selling of Twitter accounts has yet to come into fashion. However, we have devised an algorithm to estimate how much a someone would be prepared to pay for a Twitter account. Many things are taken into account, including: followers, following and tweets.


  • TweeterValue – Find out the value of your Twitter account


Tweet in Klingon – Star Trek fans, tweet your Klingon phrases!

TweetInKlingon is a tiny twitter app that lets you tweet in Klingon.

The app uses Twitter oAuth for authorization. Tweets from you are converted to Klingon and a link back to the original tweet is tweeted.

Go ahead, tweet in Klingon.


  • Tweet in Klingon
  • App made for Star Trek fans



Tweet in Klingon, a new Twitter Klingon translator developed for Cryptic Studios by Friend2Friend, taps into the widespread enthusiasm of Star Trek fans by allowing them to tweet in this invented language.


PlentyOfTweeps – for all you singles on Twitter

PlentyOfTweeps is a Twitter dating site that wants to help you find a date. Not only does the site display twitter singles in your area, it also helps you break the ice with the person you like!

The site allows you to easily search twitter users near you and helps you contact the users in an easy  and anonymous way without having to worry about your friends and followers noticing it.

There is a built-in messaging system and you can have your profile featured on the site by uploading two or more photos which can help you find a cool person to go for coffee with, go to the park with, go for a run or bike ride!


  • Meet intelligent, word-smithy, sexy people on Twitter that you wouldn’t get a chance to meet
  • Search out twitter users and “Like” them. They’ll receive an anonymous tweet and join to find you!


PlentyOfTweeps Says Web

Single? Use Twitter? Awesome



  • @PlentyOfTweeps – Single? Use Twitter? Awesome. Brad Bollenbach, co-founder of Also @30sleeps.
  • @30Sleeps – co-founder, writer at, long walks on the beach, etc.
  • @MarkRainer – Co-founder of PlentyOfTweeps and Founder of UsedEverywhere

140InABottle – throw your tweets into the sea!

140InABottle tries to mimic the old way of putting messages in a bottle and throwing them into the sea.

You just need to enter your tweet on the site, no password or username required. Once that’s done, your tweet would be sent out to a random twitter user at a random date.

Let the fun begin, have you tweeted your 140InABottle yet?


  • Send tweets in a bottle
  • No twitter username required