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Tagnabit- A Social Media Aggregator

Tagnabit is a web-based service that aggregates tags from the popular social media sites and pulls the content from there, related to particular tag and displays them in one place.

Tagnabit considers the Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Delicious for aggregating the content. Using this service is pretty simple. Just point your browser to Tagnabit and enter the Tag. It will then pull the content from  Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Delicious and will display them at one place. This service becomes very useful when one need to track any product/service’s popularity on social media.

It’s completely free to use. Give Tagnabit try now.


  • Social Media Aggregator
  • Aggregates content from social media related to any tag
  • Good for tracking any brand’s popularity on social media
  • Simple user interface
  • Free to use

Tagnabit- A Social Media Aggregator

Tagnabit Says

A service that aggregates tags from popular social media websites. It is useful for conferences or other events. Participants can use a shared tag across Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Delicious. Tagnabit then aggregates this content in one place.

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Tagnabit– A Social Media Aggregator

Match-A-Gram – Image Matching Game Based on Instagram

Match-A-Gram is an image matching game based on Instagram.

It’s based on the Instagram in the sense that the images that you match with each other in the game, are grabbed from Instagram. You need to provide Instagram hashtag to start the game. Once you provide the hashtag, Math-A-Gram pulls the recent Instagram photos related to that #tag and then create a ‘Board’. You need to them match the like images by flipping them.

The time and flips played by you are also tracked and can be checked at the top of page. This is a simple puzzle game that you can play in your free time. No registration, No fees, No need of having your own Instagram account.

You should try Match-A-Gram now.


  • Image matching game based on Instagram
  • Just enter the Instagram hashtag and you are ready to play
  • See the time and flipps taken by you to match all photos

Match-A-Gram - Image Matching Game Based on Instagram

Match-A-Gram Says

Match-A-Gram is a simple image matching game based on Instagram, that can be a good way to pass your free time.

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Match-A-Gram -Image Matching Game Based on Instagram


Savor Chat- A Better Group Chat for Facebook and Twitter

Savor Chat lets you to have group chat with your Facebook and Twitter connections, in a single chat room.

You can login via your Facebook or Twitter account. Savor Chat loads your avatar from your profile, depending that whether you login via your Facebook or Twitter account. You can invite as many friends you want, to this chat room and can have a group chat with them.

As the chat room administrator, you can control the chat room duration, hashtags to use and all other stuff. You can also set the privacy of chat room to be public or private.

Its completely free to use. You should try Savor Chat now.

Savor Chat


  • Group chat for Facebook and Twitter
  • Chat with your friends of Twitter and Facebook in single chat room
  • As an admin, controls the time duration of chat room and other stuff
  • Login via either Facebook or Twitter
  • Free to use

Savor Chat Says

Savor Chat is a very simple FREE group chat application for Facebook and Twitter users.
Finally, an application that brings Facebook and Twitter users closer than ever!

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Savor Chat– A Better Group Chat for Facebook and Twitter




Hashtagram- Realtime Slideshows For Instagram

Hashtagram is a web-based app for Instagram which works like real time slideshows for Instagram.

Hashtagram randomly picks the photos uploaded by users on Instagram and display them in slideshow with automatic scroll up and down feature, at the rate of one photos at a single time on complete page. The data posted with pictures like its name, description and comments made on it are also displayed.

Clicking on the photo takes you to the Instagram account of user who uploaded that particular photo. The time at which the photo was uploaded, is also displayed at the bottom of page. Moreover, you can share the photos on social media, within the Hashtagram.

It’s completely free to use. You should try Hashtagram now.


  • Slideshows for Instagram
  • Automatic scroll up and down of Instagram photos for rich view
  • Click on photo to go to the Instagram profile of user
  • Share the photos within the app
Hashtagram- Realtime Slideshows For Instagram

Hashtagram Says

Hashtagram lets you to view the Instagram photos in slideshows. The photos are displayed at the rate of 1 at a time and automatic scroll up and down provides a rich viewing experience. Photos can be shared within the Hashtagram.

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Hashtagram– Realtime Slideshows For Instagram



Flipagram – Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Video Slideshows

Videos can bring more reality and life in your photos. You might have created videos from your photos. But ever created video slideshows from your Instagram photos? Well, it’s time to do so. Flipagram is the app which helps you in this task.

Flipagram is an iPhone app that turns your Instaram photos into video slideshows. Using this app is very simple. Login using your Instagram account, select the photos, sort them into the order as you like to, refine your video slideshows by adding title, soundtrack and of course adjust the speed of video slideshows. That’s it. Flipagram will create a video slideshow according to your parameters.

Save the video to your camera roll or share it with friends and family via Email, Facebook, or YouTube!

So what are you waiting for? Give Flipagram a try now.


  • Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Video Slideshows.
  • Add title, sound track etc. in the video slideshow.
  • Save the video to your camera roll for later access.
  • Share it with friends and family via Email, Facebook, or YouTube!

Flipagram Says

In 4 easy steps, turn your Instagram photos into fun, captivating video slideshows to share with friends, family, and your social network!

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Flipagram – Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Video Slideshows.



Tweepz- Find People To Follow On Twitter

Tweepz is an awesome web-based tool to find the interesting people, worth to follow on Twitter. Search for users based on names, locations and keywords.

Using Tweepz is very simple. Point your browser to their site, enter keyword and hit enter. The Twitter users, relevant to that keyword, will be right there in front of you.

By default, the search results are shown starting from the user with most no. of followers being on the top of list, followed by lower one and so on. You can refine your search according the follower’s count range and according  to the year of account creation.

Interesting tool? Isn’t it?  It’s time to follow some interesting people on Twitter. So what are you waiting for ? Give Tweepz a try now.


  • Search people on Twitter of same interest as you
  • Search people based on name, location and keyword
  • Refine your results for more ease
  • Free to use

Tweepz-Find People To Follow on Twitter

Tweepz Says

Twitter is a fairly boring place if there’s nobody interesting you are following – but it’s always been an issue to find interesting people. That’s where tweepz comes in! See us as the whitepages for twitter. Search for twitter accounts based on names, locations and keywords.

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Tweepz– Find People To Follow On Twitter



Chitty Chat- Chat Room For Twitter

Chitty Chat offers you Chat Room to have a private chat with your followers and friends over Twitter. As a Twitter user, you must be familiar with the inconvenience that you suffer from, while having conversation over Twitter.

Well, you no more have to feel irritated as Chitty Chat is a web based Twitter tool that offers Chat Room for Twitter to have private chat with any Twitter user. Using Chitty Chat is quiet easy. Simply write a tweet to any particular user by using his/her Twitter handle and in the last of Tweet, just use @Chitty_chat. The Chitty Chat then processes your request for private chat room and send a link of same to the Twitter user whom you sent the tweet. Of course, you can add as many people as you want in the chat room to have a group chat.

That’s all. The person on the other end just need to enter into the room by clicking the link and by authorizing his/her Twitter account with Chitty Chat.

The service is really very useful and is free to use. So give Chitty Chat, a try now.


  • Forget the pain of conversation on Twitter
  • Get a private chat room for Twitter
  • Chat with your friends over Twitter in the most convenient way
  • Completely free to use
Chitty Chat Says
Chitty Chat lets you chat privately with a group. From Twitter. With a single tweet.
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Chitty Chat– Chat Room for Twitter

Lemmetweetthatforyou- Screenshot Of Fake Tweets

Got a screenshot of mind disturbing tweet under your friend’s or any celebrity’s name? Before you go with any decision, let me tell you that the screenshot may be fake as well. It’s not necessary to hack into someone’s Twitter account and then post under his/her name. You can do this task with the ‘Lemmetweetthatforyou’ .

‘Lemmetweetthatforyou’ is a Twitter related app that allows you to make fake tweets under any username. Although, you can’t post the tweets on Twitter, but you can have screenshot of tweets. That’s also not bad as images also speak the reality and are enough to make someone believe on any fact.

Using this Twitter tool is very simple. You just need to point your browser to their official site. Once you are there, just enter the Twitter handle of the person under whom you want tweet to come. When you add the Twitter handle, site automatically picks up the avatar image and real name of user. Now you can add your fake tweet and can have screenshot of it.

Nothing is perfect and so this site is. When you get the screenshot of fake tweets, you can see that the tweet comes with a line at the bottom ‘Via Twitter’. It describes the method by which the tweet was posted. As this is never a case with real tweets so one can find out that whether the tweet is real or not. But only the experienced Twitter users can judge it and not everyone.

So now you have fake tweet’s screenshot. Just share it with your friends to disturb their shock nerds. What about creating a controversial post on your blog and then adding fake screenshot to bring the reality in your controversy fact? The screenshot of fake tweet is with you. Do whatever you want and enjoy making others fool.

The service is free to use. You should give it a try now.


  • Create screenshot of fake tweets
  • Just enter the username of any Twitter user and leave the rest on the site
  • Use the screenshot to create controversial communication with your friends
  • Completely free to use



Lemmetweetthatforyou Says

Use this website to make fake tweets and to take screenshots of them.

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Lemmetweetthatforyou– Fake Tweets, Faking Tweets, Fake Screenshots



TwitLuv – twitter love matching application

TwitLuv is a simple and easy to use twitter application that tries to match two twitter users that you provide.

Just enter the usernames of any two twitter users and you would get the percentage match between two users.


  • Match two twitter users
  • Tells you the percentage match between two users

TwitLuv Says

With you can calculate the probability of a successful relationship between two twitter users, romantic or otherwise.
The Luvmatch is an affective way to get an impression of what the chances are on a relationship between two twitter users.


  • TwitLuv – Twitter love matching application

IsParade – doubly awesome visualization of your twitter followers!

IsParade is so so so awesome when it comes to visualizing your twitter followers. The developer has put in so much thought to details.

What the app basically does is display all your followers in a fun and interesting way. Go have a look and tell all your friends about it!


  • View your twitter followers in an animated parade
  • Awesome twitter follower visualization


  • IsParade – Let’s parade with Twitter people!