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Boxcar- An Inbox For All Social Networking Notifications

Boxcar is an awesome app for iPhone and iPad which works like an inbox for all social networking notifications. It provides you the best platform to monitor all of your social netwoking accounts’ updates from one place.

It has the support of Facebook integration by which you get the push notification whenever there is  a  new message or notification in your Facebook account. It also opens the Facebook immediately in your favorite FB app.

While Boxcar has support for all social networking sites, but the best features and support is for Twitter. It sends you notification whenever there is new tweet, mentions, new followers etc. The best part of this app from the Twitter point of view is that it supports almost 35 Twitter apps and opens your favorite one immediately, whenever there is a new notification.

Boxcar also provides you a unique email account to which all of your important emails get forwarded. Boxcar only stores the sender’s name and nothing else. Along with the social networking sites mentioned above, it also supports Google Plus, Google Buzz etc.

Out of all remaining services that Boxcar supports, I would like to mention RSS syndication here by which you can get push notification whenever there is something new to read on your favorite websites.

So impressed from this awesome app?  Give it a try now.


  • The simplest way to monitor your social networking updates
  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Google Voice, RSS Feed etc. integration and app recommendations
  • Unique email account to forward all of your incoming emails

Boxcar Says

Add Twitter, Facebook, RSS and more. Read all those messages in one place — whether you’re on the go or at your computer.

Web Says

Boxcar– Instant notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.



Digsby- One Tool For IM + Email + Social Networks

In this fast growing world, everyone wants to be social online. With the growing rush of social networking sites, it has become difficult to stay in touch with all friends because if your friend is on Facebook, you are on Twitter and if you are on Twitter, your friend is on MSN. Using different tools for different social networking sites is none other than a task of pain.

Digsby puts end to all your social networking problems. It’s an All in One tool to stay in touch with your friends from different social networking sites. Talking about its features for IM purpose, you can have chatting with your friends from Facebook, Yahoo, Gtalk etc.

You can sync your email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail to stay updated with the incoming emails. From the social networking point of view, Digsby is a perfect tool for major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.

You can post status and tweets to your Facebook and Twitter account respectively, right from Digsby. You need not to login into your Facebook or Twitter account as you can get the live updates on your desktop with the Digsby.

Digsby is completely free to use and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. You should give it a try now.


  • Bring your IM, Email, Social Networks needs in one tool
  • Instant messaging support for Facebook, Yahoo, Gtalk etc.
  • Get the email updates’ notifications on your desktop
  • Perfect tool to stay updated on Facebook and Twitter
  • Post status and tweets without logging in to Facebook or Twitter
  • Completely free to use.

Digsby Says

Digsby brings the IM, Email and Social Networks in one easy to use application.

Web Says

Digsby– IM + Email + Social Networks




Slices For Twitter

If we start counting the no. of apps made for Twitter till date, then I am sure that our life will come to an end (Alas!) but the count will never meet its end. We can categorize the Twitter clients into three category. One is for the apps which are just a blot on the apps’ name. Second one for the apps which are just ‘good’. The third category is for the apps which deserve the tag of ‘Best Twitter Apps’.

Slices for Twitter is an awesome app that falls in third category. This app is available for iPhone and Android. Talking about the features of Slices, it allows you to search Twitter in the most expandable manner. You can search for your followers and tweets or topics in the simplest and quickest manner. Slices show you live event on your timeline, instantly and let you to follow the on-going events. You can divide your timeline into slices to get the tweets categorize into suitable categories and topics to have easy access to your favorite tweets.

You can save bookmarks of important tweets and Twitter profiles. You can integrate multiple Twitter accounts with this app. ‘SmartLists’ feature allows you to make a list of your favorite Twitter users.  By using ‘Zip It’ feature, you can hide unwanted tweets without unfollowing any user.

This app has got all awesome features in it. You should give this app, a try now.


  • Search anything in Twitter in more expandable manner
  • Get live events on your timeline instantly
  • Save bookmarks of tweets
  • Hide the unwanted tweets without unfollowing any user
  • Completely free to use



Slices Says

Slices give you a better way to explore Twitter. Follow today’s events in real time. Slice your timeline into groups that you define.

Web Says

Slices– The best app for Android and iPhone to explore Twitter, in the way, you want to.



Slices On Facebook

GrabInbox – easily manage, post and schedule to multiple twitter and facebook accounts

GrabInbox is a new and easy way to manage multiple twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts. Traditionally every new app that comes out to manage multiple twitter accounts relies on users having to create and monitor several tabs. But grabinbox takes a new approach in the form of ‘notifications’.

With grabinbox, you do not really need to painstakingly monitor each and every account. All you do is add your twitter, facebook or linkedin accounts (posting to multiple Google plus accounts will come as soon as google releases the API). Once you’ve added the account, grabinbox will continuously monitor all your accounts and display notifications when you have new mentions, direct messages or any new posts by your friends.

The notifications are completely configurable. Keeping a tab on multiple twitter lists is super easy since you can just add the list and set notifications so that you don’t miss on any new content.

Apart from being able to efficiently manage all the several accounts you have, posting to these accounts is equally simple. The update box allows you to even schedule messages for a future date. If you do not like to manually schedule messages,  you can hit the ‘JustLater’ button. JustLater automatically schedules updates such that your tweets go out at the right time and get maximum exposure. The site uses a set of sophisticated algorithms that determines when is the best time to tweet to twitter as well as post to facebook.

To make it easy to share web pages across your social networks, GrabInbox has a nifty bookmarklet that let’s you share any web page using any browser. For Google Chrome, there is a super fast plugin that makes it a breeze to share web pages across all your networks.

Give GrabInbox a try today as it is completely FREE to get started!


  • Manage multiple twitter, facebook, fb fan pages and linkedin accounts
  • Easily post to multiple twitter, fb, fan pages and linkedin accounts
  • Schedule tweets and posts for a future date
  • JustLater helps you automatically schedule tweets and posts
  • Posts go out at the right time thanks to algorithms that calculate best time to tweet
  • Bookmarklet to share any web page to any social network
  • Google Chrome plugin for super fast sharing


GrabInbox Says

GrabInbox lets you easily manage multiple facebook, twitter, linkedin accounts. GrabInbox helps you schedule messages, tweets, facebook posts for future. Instant notifications for important network updates like mentions, direct messages and fb fan pages.


  • GrabInbox – Manage multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin


Disclaimer: I’m one of the co-founder of GrabInbox.

LaterBro – schedule facebook and twitter updates

LaterBro let’s you schedule twitter and facebook updates.

I liked the name (funny name, brought a smile on my face). As soon as you login, as a one time activity, you need to select your timezone.

The interface is slick and clean and the app is easy to use. However, the time selection could have been made easier!

The app supports multiple twitter and facebook accounts. Scheduled updates are displayed and changes can be easily made.


  • Schedule twitter and facebook status updates
  • Simple and clean user interface

LaterBro Says

Send Twitter or Facebook status updates later.


  • LaterBro – Send twitter and facebook status updates later

Twitgether – a social twitter client for iGoogle, Gmail, Facebook, Myspace and Orkut

Twitgether aims to be the twitter app for all your social networks. Whether you use iGoogle as your homepage, Gmail for sending mails, Facebook or Orkut for socializing with friends, you can always stay connected to twitter using Twitgether.

Twitgether uses twitter oAuth for authentication. There’s support for multiple twitter accounts.

You can mark all tweets as read just like you do in Google Reader for feeds. New tweets are displayed automatically thanks to the auto refresh feature. You can search twitter within the app as well!


  • Supports OAuth, no password required
  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts
  • Mark all as read(like Google Reader)
  • Automatically refresh
  • Built-in Twitter Search
  • Select text in a tweet to search or translate into other languages
  • Integrated URL shortening services


Twitgether Says

Twitgether is a full featured twitter client for social networks.


  • Twitgether – Social twitter client for Gmail, iGoogle, Facebook, Myspace and Orkut


Link your Facebook Page to Twitter

Facebook Twitter app helps you do the opposite of what apps like Selective Twitter or do. Your status updates, links, photos etc., shared on Facebook are tweeted to your twitter account.

There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding what exactly you want tweeted to your twitter account from your Facebook pages. You can select to have only the status updates tweeted or just links and photos or have everything updated to twitter.


  • Update Facebook updates to your twitter account
  • Select what gets updated and what doesn’t


Facebook Twitter Says

Now share anything with fans and followers, all from one place.


FB140 – find all your facebook friends on twitter

FB140 helps you find all your FaceBook friends who are on twitter. You can then choose to follow them.

You need to authorize fb140 by allowing it access to your FaceBook and Twitter account. Once done, fb140 would present you with a list of all your facebook friends on twitter.


  • Follow FaceBook friends on twitter
  • Uses FB connect and twitter oAuth for authentication


FB140 Says

Find all of your facebook friends who are using Twitter in three steps!


  • FB140 – Find all facebook friends on twitter


  • @fb140 – FB140 Official Notification Account

Suggeted By

  • @cheth – Design Guy, Blogger, Social Media junkie, Chief Troublemaker at Cheth Studios and also a Part time Design (Nerd). Altogether nice guy! – a smarter way to update FaceBook from twitter is a FaceBook application that helps you update your FaceBook status with twitter updates. Now there are a lot of apps that do just that (including one of our favourites SelectiveTwitter) but has a slew of new features that help you have only the right twitter updates sent to FaceBook.

To start with, as a basic feature you can post tweets as FaceBook updates. Links that you share on twitter can be sent to your FaceBook Wall so that any videos, pics etc. contained in the links can be displayed to your FaceBook friends.

The app can completely ignore @replies and @mentions would be changed to real names! You can also have only those tweets that you specify be posted to twitter (this is what SelectiveTwitter does).

Links that you post on FaceBook can be tracked with


  • Post tweets as Facebook Status Updates
  • Post links you tweet on your Facebook Wall (so your friends can watch videos and see pictures right in their News Feed)
  • Ignore @replies
  • Change @mentions to real names
  • Only post the tweets you specify to Facebook
  • Track links posted to Facebook with Says is designed for those of us who want to use Twitter as our primary status update tool without spamming all of our Facebook friends with tweets that don’t make any sense to them.


  • – A smarter way to update Facebook from Twitter


  • @tweet_post – A smarter way to update Facebook from Twitter