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Access twitter through email. This is the best way to access twitter in case all twitter related sites are blocked at your workplace. All email twitter clients showcased here.

TwtMailer – twitter replies in your mailbox

TwtMailer sends all your @replies via email. The application checks your stream every 15 minutes and sends an email with the @replies that you have received.

The best thing about the emails you receive is that the @replies would be listed out for you so that you do not have to login to your twitter account to read it.

TwtMailer is a nice twitter application for those who aren’t logged in to their twitter accounts all the time but still want a way to be connected to their twitter friends and not miss any @replies.


  • Never miss an @reply on twitter
  • @Replies emailed to you every 15 minutes
  • Read your @replies in your email
TwtMailer - @Replies in your email inbox

TwtMailer - @Replies in your email inbox

TwtMailer Says

TwtMailer.Com was built because i got tired of people messaging me on twitter & me replying to them hours of even days later as i simply didn’t see their message/reply.

TwtMailer helps to avoid missing any @reply messages or direct messages & so keeps twitter conversations flowing smoothly.


  • TwtMailer – Get @Replies sent straight to your inbox


  • @twtmailer – get all your @replies straight to your inbox!
  • @daniel_white – Website and Graphic Designer, Property Sales, Enjoys General Talk, My Dogs (Lulu and Freddie), Relaxing (Don’t Get To Do This Much), Twittering and Other Stuff

Twilert – twitter search alerts via email

Twilert is like the Google alerts for twitter search. You enter the keywords that are of interest to you and twilert would send you regular updates on these keywords by searching twitter using the twitter search API. EasyTweets and TweetLater offer similar services too.

You need to register yourself at twilert before you can use this service. However, you do not need to give away your twitter credentials (always remember that unless an app needs to send a direct message or follow or unfollow users on your behalf, there is really no need of you giving away your password!)

Use twilert to keep a tab on what people are talking about your brand or blog (just create a twilert with your blogs name) or use it to search for areas that interest you (may be “twitter apps” 🙂 )


  • Twilert is like the Google Alerts for twitter
  • Get notified of tweets containing keywords of interest through email
  • Choose daily, weekly or monthly email digests
  • Registration needed to use the service


Twilert Says

Twilert is a free Twitter service that lets you receive regular email alerts containing tweets that contain specific keywords or phrases.

It’s useful for those that want to track conversation and opinion on a brand, company or product on Twitter but don’t have the time to sit in front of a Twitter Search page 24 hours a day.



  • @twilert – New service that allows you to receive email alerts of tweets on Twitter. Sign-up, it’s free!
  • @danleach – PR, marketing & social media bod. Founder of Currently an Account Director, Hill & Knowlton London.

Topify – enhanced twitter email notifications

Topify is a twitter power email service which you can use to replace the plain old email messages you receive from twitter every time someone follows you.

This twitter app modifies the default twitter email and enhances it for you to be able to get more information about your new followers. The best thing is that you do not need to go to your followers twitter page anymore to follow them. Just send an empty reply to the enhanced mail sent by Topify and you would automatically be following your new follower!

Another feature that we liked a lot is the feature that lets you reply to the DM’s you receive by replying to the email. It’s one of the most convenient features on a twitter email app and sets Topify apart from some of the other similar services such as twimailer!

Topify is currently in Beta, but we have 100 invites for our readers.


  • Get enhanced email notifications everytime a new twitter user follows you
  • Automatically follow new followers by sending an empty reply to the enhanced Topify mail
  • Reply to Direct Messages by email


Topify Says

Topify is a service that makes your Twitter email notifications better and smarter.


  • Topify – power twitter email notifications
  • Blog – the official Topify blog


  • @topify – better email notifications for Twitter. Twitter, the way it should be. created by @arikfr & @ourielohayon
  • @arikfr – Cofounder of; Developed QassamCount (w/ @danpeguine, FB App w/ 100K Users); Creative Geek
  • @ourielohayon – vc. blogger. french – israeli. co founder of

Twimailer – the email notification middle man for twitter

Twimailer is a middle man that intercepts the emails you receive from twitter and spruces it up before sending it to you!

The traditional email from twitter would only tell you whether you follow the person or not. But twimailer has a host of features. You can immediately follow back the people who have become your fans. You get to see the number of followers and friends your new follower has as well as their complete bio. Updates from the follower are also displayed.

For twimailer to be able to send you mail, you need to first enter the email that you have specified for your twitter account. After verification, twimailer would send you a new email that you need to set as your email id at twitter.


  • Get a new spruced up mail containing detailed information about your new followers
  • Email app that sends better email than the default email you receive from twitter
  • View follower bio and last 10 updates


Twimailer Says

Tired of shallow e-mails from Twitter when someone follows you? Want more information right in your inbox? Check out Twimailer


  • Twimailer – Get better emails when someone follows you on twitter


Follows – get changes to your followers list emailed

TwitApps Follows is a twitter bot that keeps track of your follower list and emails you about New Followers and Ex-Followers (people who unfollowed you).

Follows is the second app from TwitApps after Replies.

You get to choose whether you wish to receive emails daily, weekly or monthly.

You need to follow the TwitApps Follows bot to be able to start or stop this feature as well as control the frequency of emails you receive.


  • Get emails summarizing New Followers and users who unfollowed you
  • Option to receive emails daily, weekly or monthly


TwitApps Follows Says

Get changes to your followers list emailed to you regularly. New followers and ex-followers, aggregated into a single email either daily, weekly or monthly.




TwitterMail sends you @Replies and your timeline automatically by email at regular intervals.

Not only can you receive replies through email but also post updates to your twitter account.

  • Post to Twitter
  • Get new replies in your mailbox
  • Get the TimeLine
  • Long URLs shortened automatically
  • No 140 restriction. A Read More link will appear in your tweet
  • Schedule Tweets for future posting
  • Doesn’t matter if twitter service is down. Your tweets will be updated as soon as twitter fail whale disappears.



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TwitApps – Replies

TwitApps Replies sends you all your @Replies by email. Whats more, it does this without you having to disclose your password.

  • Follow @ta_replies.
  • The bot will follow you back.
  • When you get the follow notification send a direct message containing just the email address to which you want the tweets to be sent.




TweetReplies – get notified of @replies via email

TweetReplies helps you keep track of all the @Replies you receive.

All the @Replies would be sent to the email account you specify. If you are one of those who use their email accounts more than anything else then this is the twitter app for you to stay in touch with your twitter friends who @reply. This tool can even come handy for those who work in offices where social networking sites such are twitter are blocked.

You will never be late for an @Reply again.


  • Receive @Replies by email or RSS
  • No need to give your twitter password


Official Site


  • @tweetreplies – Send your @replies to your email with