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Access twitter through email. This is the best way to access twitter in case all twitter related sites are blocked at your workplace. All email twitter clients showcased here.

Timehop-What Did You Do 1 Year Ago Today ?

Timehop works like a time machine for your social media life and lets you know that what did you do 1 year ago today.

To use this service, you need to sign in using your Facebook account and once you do it, you will start getting the daily emails that will remind you that what did you do 1 year ago on the same date.

You can also use it for tweets posted on Twitter by you, an year back. But as you may bee familiar that Twitter saves only 3200 tweets. So if you have posted more than 3200 tweets in an year, then Timehop will not work the exact, for which it’s made.

Foursquare Check-ins and Instagram’s photos uploaded by you a complete year back, can also be fetched with Timehop. Timehop has included the support of text SMS messages as well.

There is not any fees to use it. You should try Timehop now.



  • Time machine for your social media life
  • Check what did you post today, one year back on Facebook
  • Check your tweets on Twitter and Check-Ins on Foursquare, done today, an year back
  • Check your photos uploaded to Instagram, an year back, on the same day
  • Support for text SMS messages as well

Web Says

Timehop-What Did You Do 1 Year Ago Today ?



TweetBeep- Free Twitter Alerts by Email

TweetBeep is a web-based tool that allows you to receive all Twitter alerts via email for free.

TweetBeep enables you to keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates. Moreover, you can track that who on the Twitter is tweeting about your website even if your link is kept hidden behind the short URL.

As a free user, you can set up to 10 alerts and you have to suffer from the annoying ads. You can increase alerts’ count up to 200 by paying a monthly fee of $20. Also in the premium account, you get the option to set 15 minute alert and no advertisements.

You should give TweetBeep, a try now.


  • Free Twitter alerts by email
  • Track that who is taking about you or your product on Twitter
  • Track who is talking about your website even if hidden behind the short URL
  • Set up to 10 alerts as free user

TweetBeep- Twitter Alerts by Email

TweetBeep Says

TweetBeep is like Google Alerts for Twitter. Get emailed when someone is twittering about you, your company, your product, or your website!

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TweetBeep– Free Twitter Alerts by Email





Boxcar- An Inbox For All Social Networking Notifications

Boxcar is an awesome app for iPhone and iPad which works like an inbox for all social networking notifications. It provides you the best platform to monitor all of your social netwoking accounts’ updates from one place.

It has the support of Facebook integration by which you get the push notification whenever there is  a  new message or notification in your Facebook account. It also opens the Facebook immediately in your favorite FB app.

While Boxcar has support for all social networking sites, but the best features and support is for Twitter. It sends you notification whenever there is new tweet, mentions, new followers etc. The best part of this app from the Twitter point of view is that it supports almost 35 Twitter apps and opens your favorite one immediately, whenever there is a new notification.

Boxcar also provides you a unique email account to which all of your important emails get forwarded. Boxcar only stores the sender’s name and nothing else. Along with the social networking sites mentioned above, it also supports Google Plus, Google Buzz etc.

Out of all remaining services that Boxcar supports, I would like to mention RSS syndication here by which you can get push notification whenever there is something new to read on your favorite websites.

So impressed from this awesome app?  Give it a try now.


  • The simplest way to monitor your social networking updates
  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Google Voice, RSS Feed etc. integration and app recommendations
  • Unique email account to forward all of your incoming emails

Boxcar Says

Add Twitter, Facebook, RSS and more. Read all those messages in one place — whether you’re on the go or at your computer.

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Boxcar– Instant notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.



Digsby- One Tool For IM + Email + Social Networks

In this fast growing world, everyone wants to be social online. With the growing rush of social networking sites, it has become difficult to stay in touch with all friends because if your friend is on Facebook, you are on Twitter and if you are on Twitter, your friend is on MSN. Using different tools for different social networking sites is none other than a task of pain.

Digsby puts end to all your social networking problems. It’s an All in One tool to stay in touch with your friends from different social networking sites. Talking about its features for IM purpose, you can have chatting with your friends from Facebook, Yahoo, Gtalk etc.

You can sync your email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail to stay updated with the incoming emails. From the social networking point of view, Digsby is a perfect tool for major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.

You can post status and tweets to your Facebook and Twitter account respectively, right from Digsby. You need not to login into your Facebook or Twitter account as you can get the live updates on your desktop with the Digsby.

Digsby is completely free to use and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. You should give it a try now.


  • Bring your IM, Email, Social Networks needs in one tool
  • Instant messaging support for Facebook, Yahoo, Gtalk etc.
  • Get the email updates’ notifications on your desktop
  • Perfect tool to stay updated on Facebook and Twitter
  • Post status and tweets without logging in to Facebook or Twitter
  • Completely free to use.

Digsby Says

Digsby brings the IM, Email and Social Networks in one easy to use application.

Web Says

Digsby– IM + Email + Social Networks




Kabutr – twitter via email

Kabutr lets you use twitter via email. You can view your timeline and reply to tweets all from any of your favorite email client!

The app assigns you a secret email id where you email your tweets. It would have been a lot easier if they let everyone email the same id, remembering a secret email id can be such a pain in the ass.

With Kabutr, you can tweet, reply to a tweet, retweet tweets, share images with your twitter followers etc.


  • Twitter through email
  • Tweet, reply, retweet and share images
  • Tweet from any email client

Kabutr Says

You can check your twitter timeline right inside your inbox. No need to install any application. Use the email client you already use to read your emails. Use the capabilities powered by email client to tag, star, filter, remember, search, and forward tweets.


  • Kabutr – Check twitter timeline in email client


  • @kabutr – Check Twitter Timeline in email client & Tweet by sending Email from email client 🙂 Its absolutely FREE!!!

TweetByMail – send tweets by email

TweetByMail is a twitter client that you can use through email.

You can send and receive Twitter updates with email. It works with any email account including mobile phones around the world.

TweetByMail lets you keep up with all your Twitter friends without leaving your inbox!
Apart from using the regular twitter features through email, you can also track tweets. You get email alerts with tweets containing your keywords.


  • Send and receive Twitter updates with email
  • Works with any email account including mobile phones around the world
  • Keep up with Twitter friends without leaving your inbox
  • Plus tweet tracking features. Get email alerts with tweets containing your keywords
  • Don’t miss your @replies or mentions


Send and receive tweets using your email (including mobile phones anywhere in the world) and never miss another @reply with keyword tracking



  • @tweetbymail – Send and receive Twitter updates to your mobile (or any) email. I respond to any @tweetbymail msgs!

Tweetalarm – receive twitter search results via email

Tweetalarm works just like Google alerts. You can specify search terms and tweets matching the search term would be sent to you via email.

Tweetalarm can help you monitor your brand easily on Twitter. Set alerts for your brand and every time someone mentions it you would be notified!


  • Receive twitter search alerts via email
  • Get notified of tweets containing keywords of interest through email
  • Service similar to Google alerts, built for Twitter
  • Easily monitor your brand


Tweetalarm Says

Get alerted when someone tweets about your
company, your product or anything that interests you



Twitgether – a social twitter client for iGoogle, Gmail, Facebook, Myspace and Orkut

Twitgether aims to be the twitter app for all your social networks. Whether you use iGoogle as your homepage, Gmail for sending mails, Facebook or Orkut for socializing with friends, you can always stay connected to twitter using Twitgether.

Twitgether uses twitter oAuth for authentication. There’s support for multiple twitter accounts.

You can mark all tweets as read just like you do in Google Reader for feeds. New tweets are displayed automatically thanks to the auto refresh feature. You can search twitter within the app as well!


  • Supports OAuth, no password required
  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts
  • Mark all as read(like Google Reader)
  • Automatically refresh
  • Built-in Twitter Search
  • Select text in a tweet to search or translate into other languages
  • Integrated URL shortening services


Twitgether Says

Twitgether is a full featured twitter client for social networks.


  • Twitgether – Social twitter client for Gmail, iGoogle, Facebook, Myspace and Orkut


Moomeo – share any email with your twitter and facebook friends

Moomeo helps you share email with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or just about anyone anywhere!

If you come across a funny or interesting email and wish to share it with your friends, then just send the email to and you would instantly receive a link back to the email. You are now all ready to share the email with anyone in the world!

What I liked about Moomeo is the lack of a sign up page. Really, you don’t need to register to use this service, it’s that simple!

To try the service, just forward an email to


  • Share emails with anyone in the world
  • Easily share email on Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • No registration required


Moomeo Says

At the moment, we’re simply allowing people to share emails.


  • Moomeo – Have an email worth sharing?