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Tawidget – events widget for blogs and websites

Tawidget is a site built on top of Taweet, a twitter apps site that helps you schedule tweets and events on Twitter.

Tawidget is an extension to Taweet and lets you display your events to your blog or website visitors. The widget is completely customizable. If you’re a WordPress blogger, Tawidget works great with WordPress. Simply copy and paste your custom widget code into the sidebar or any other place on a HTML webpage where you would like to display your upcoming events.


  • Display events that you create with Taweet on your blog
  • Easily customizable


Tawidget Says

Easily add an events widget to any website or blog with Tawidget. Click here to customize your widget.

Tawidget is an application built in partnership with Taweet, a social calendar and events promotion application that interacts with Twitter.


  • Tawidget – Events widget for blogs and websites


  • @tawidget – Tawidget Events Widget allows you to easily promote your upcoming events on any website or blog and share your events to Twitter.

TidyTweet – a smarter way to create your own tweet feed and block spam too!

TidyTweet is a cool twitter application that lets you create your own twitter feed. The best thing about these feeds is that you have complete control over which tweets appear in the feeds!

When you sign up for the service, you’ll be given your own subdomain. You can then add new users and assign them different roles.

Creating a new feed is easy and has a lot of options such as excluding tweets from newly created accounts, tweets containing any words that are inappropriate etc.

Once you have created your own tweet feed, you are ready to use the feed any way you wish. For wordpress users there’s a plugin which helps easily embed the tweet feed in your blog.

The best part about these feeds you create is the option to manually approve feeds. This can come in handy in case you want to create a classy twitter feed and make sure that no junk gets in.

Get TidyTweet Invite Code

First 50 twi5 readers get the invite code for this great twitter tool. Just ask @tidytweet for the invite code and tell them you are a reader. No ugly retweets, you can even send a DM if you wish 🙂


  • Remove twitter spam
  • Create tweet feed without the spammy tweets
  • Whitelist or Blacklist twitter users
  • Auto-rejection of Tweets from New Accounts
  • Auto-rejection of Tweets with Multiple Trending Topics
  • Provides lots of filter options to help you get the useful tweets and weed out the rest
  • Easily embed feed on your blog or site
  • Add new users with different roles


TidyTweet Says

Think of TidyTweet as your very own Twitter feed housekeeper. Based on your preferences, it keeps conversations clean, orderly, and free of unwanted comment clutter.

TidyTweet works behind the scenes to prevent unwanted surprises from showing up on your website. After creating an account and setting up a feed, you can blacklist or whitelist specific handles, approve Tweets manually or automatically, and create a customized word filter to avoid annoying – or embarrassing – situations.

TidyTweet lets you keep the conversation going – without worrying about what’s being said.


  • TidyTweet – Filter your embedded twitter feed and block twitter spam


  • @tidytweet – The smarter way to filter out the stuff you don’t want! Another product of Rockfish Interactive
  • @mpaladino – Husband, father, and .NET developer. Fort Smith .NET User Group leader.
  • @kennytomlin – Rockfish Interactive Founder and CEO
  • @RFInteractive – Rockfish Interactive designs websites and develops web applications that deliver results. – embed twitter search results on your blog or site provides you with embeddable twitter badges for twitter search results. Embed the badge on your blog or site for your visitors to view the search results.

The widget is completely customizable allowing you to specify the width, number of results to display, the design colors etc. Once you have entered the desired keyword, you can get the code that needs to be simply pasted on your blog.


  • Generate twitter search result widget for your blog or site
  • Widget completely customizable
  • Just copy paste the code

twitter-apps-twitstatus-generate-twitter-badge-website-blog-embed Says

This site generates a simple bit of HTML code that you can insert on your website, company site, or social network profile to instantly display Twitter Search results for the specified keywords. It’s highly customizable and should be able to fit right in on any page.



  • @twitstatushq – Easy Twitter Search Badges. Fully customizable.
  • @shiftb – something clever goes here – Web Developer, Master of Awesome, Ruby, Java
  • @ryanmcgrath – Web developer in the DC/Metro Area. Employed by; hacker on various other projects. Views expressed here are strictly my own, not those of my employers.
  • @justinnurse – I design. You’re welcome

Zhuyo – Twitter Follower Box for your site and blog







Update: Seems like the site is down or discontinued.

Zhuyo brings to you a Twitter Follower Box. It’s a widget that you can easily embed in your blog or site.

The Twitter Follower Box displays your twitter followers to all your blog readers. The widget can encourage readers to follow you on twitter! Besides, who wouldn’t want to follow you when they have chances of appearing as one of your followers on the widget.

When visitors click the Follow button of the widget, they would need to authorize Zhuyo through twitter oAuth and then start following you. Remember, at the end of the process, visitors would still be on the same page on your blog.

What’s really impressive about Zhuyo is the many themes available for you to choose from. If you do not like any of the themes available, then you can apply your own custom theme too!

There are a lot of options to choose from while creating the widget such as the number of updates you wish to display, the widget size, number of rows of followers to display etc.

To install Zhuyo, you just need to copy paste the code into your blog (supports WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and just about anything!).

Zhuyo is currently in private beta. The first 100 readers can use the beta invite code “twi5” (without quotes) to sign up.

Update: Zhuyo has launched a “Tweet This” browser bookmarklet which lets you easily share web pages that you are currently viewing. The bookmarklet makes use of twitter oAuth and there’s no registration needed to use it!

Grab the bookmarklet from here.


  • Display Twitter followers on your blog or site
  • Allow site visitors to easily follow you
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Choose from a wide variety of themes
  • Add your own custom theme
  • Customize the widget with the various options available


Zhuyo Says

Twitter Followers Box is a small widget you can add to your web page. It shows your followers with a simple “Follow” button to allow your visitors to follow you right on your page.


  • Zhuyo – Tools for your social networks


  • @zhuyo – [zoo-you] Tools for your social networks. Follow us and we will DM you an invitation code.

Beta Invite

  • Use the beta invite code “twi5” (without quotes). First 100 users only

RSStoTwitter – automatically tweets RSS to your twitter account

RSStoTwitter lets you configure any RSS Feed to be tweeted to a twitter account.

If you have a blog, you should probably create a twitter account and link it up with RSStoTwitter so that new blog posts are automatically tweeted.

You need to enter your twitter credentials and specify the feed URL for RSStoTwitter to start tweeting new blog posts from your RSS feed.

Having a separate twitter account dedicated to posting new blog posts from your blog is a good idea since it would help your readers keep track of all the new posts via twitter.


  • Automatically tweets RSS feed to twitter
  • Supports multiple RSS feeds


RSStoTwitter Says

RSS to Twitter is a tool to enable you the ability to send RSS Feeds to your Twitter Account. For instance you might want the RSS feed from CNN to your Twitter.



  • @rsstohere – RSS to Twitter is a tool to post your favourite RSS feeds to Twitter

RSS2Twitter – publish content from RSS to twitter

RSS2Twitter seems like a good competitor to TwitterFeed. Apps like these are for twitter users who wish to have new content on their sites sent down to the twitter stream automatically.

You can add multiple twitter accounts and have the same RSS feed content tweeted on all of them. You have the option to select different update frequencies which would help you manage when you want the content to be posted to your twitter account.

If you have an updated content in one of your RSS feeds and want it to be tweeted immediately, then there’s an Update Now button to do that. You can customize what you want to be tweeted with respect to the feed content such as only the feed title, description etc.

The app even offers filters allowing you to choose what content from the feed you want in your twitter timeline. Analytics are provided to help you track clicks.


  • Automatically post RSS feed to twitter
  • Add multiple twitter accounts
  • Choose different frequencies for your feeds
  • Immediately update new feeds at the click of a button
  • Choose to include RSS feed title only, title and description or description only
  • Filter updates with “include only with” and “exclude with”
  • Analytics: track your update clicks


RSS2Twitter Says

We offer a simple way to publish your content to twitter directly from your RSS feeds.


  • RSS2Twitter – The easiest way to publish your content to twitter, directly from your RSS feeds


Twitter Follow badge for your site or blog

Go2Web20 has a really nice twitter follow badge creator that lets you put the Follow Me or Follow Us badge on your blog or site.

You can see an example on this page (look left!).

Creating a similar follow badge is simple. Enter your twitter username and select the colour you like. You can also select on which side of your page you want the badge to appear.

Badges like these can really help you gain twitter followers. You can find a list of similar applications that help you create badges here.


  • Create your own twitter Follow Me badge
  • Put the twitter badge on your site or blog
  • No coding required, just copy and paste
  • You can choose the badge colour, positioning, text etc.


Go2Web20 Says

This badge calls your users to start following your twitter account.
Twitter has proven itself to be a great communication channel with your site visitors.
This badge can be installed almost on any site. Just customize it a bit and take the code.


  • Go2Web20 – Twitter Follow badge for your site or blog


  • @go2web20 – Fresh updates from Go2web20 Directory ~*~ @eyalshahar @orli

TwiSig – Twitter updates as image signature

TwiSig displays your latest twitter update as an image signature. You just need to enter your twitter username and the site would give you three banner images to choose from.

Since it’s an image, you can use it on networking sites, emails, forums and your blogs. Having an image that displays your last tweet helps you gain followers if you tweet interesting stuff!


  • Twitter image signature
  • Displays your latest tweet
  • Embed the image in your blog, sites, forums etc.


TwiSig Says

Twisig converts you tweets into an image that can be used in forum signatures, emails and on your websites. It auto updates and is especially useful in places that do not allow html code.


  • TwiSig – Twitter Image Signatures

SweetTweet – free twitter backgrounds and buttons

SweetTweet provides twitter users with twitter backgrounds and buttons. There are a few other sites like Twitter-Images, DoctorTwitter, Twitbacks etc. which also provide twitter backgrounds but the fact that each site has different designs makes them all worth mentioning!

SweetTweet has a huge collection of twitter backgrounds and all the images have been categorized for easy drill down. There are categories such as Fashion Backgrounds, Girly backgrounds, guy backgrounds etc. There are sub categories as well!

There is no option to automatically set your twitter background. You would need to download the image and then upload it to your twitter account.


  • Free twitter backgrounds and twitter buttons
  • Backgrounds divided into categories and sub categories
  • Huge collection of twitter backgrounds as well as twitter buttons
  • Download any image and upload to your twitter profile


SweetTweet Says

We have everything from twitter backgrounds to twitter buttons and we’ll even show you how to use twitter too!


  • SweetTweet – Twitter Backgrounds, Twitter Buttons, Twitter Layouts


  • @SweetTweetNet – Make your twitter SWEET! Only at SWEETTWEET.NET 🙂
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Tweeterized – twitter signature images

Tweeterized provides users with images that can be used as email signatures. You can post these images on websites and forums as well.

The images change dynamically displaying your latest twitter update. Almost all the websites that allow you to update data allow images. So you can easily have tweeterized images on such sites.

Getting your own tweeterized signature is easy. Just enter your twitter username and select the image size and background image. An html code as well as a code for using on forums would be generated.


  • Twitter signature that you can embed on all pages that allow html
  • The image displays your latest tweet
  • Choose from different backgrounds
  • Embed the image in blog, websites and forums

Tweeterized Says

We provide dynamic Twitter signature images that you can use on forums, websites, myspace profiles and more. The dynamic images display your profile image, last update as well as how long ago you did the update. We also have various backgrounds to choose from.


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