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SnapWidget- Instagram Photos Gallery Widget

Running a website or blog and want to attract more and more visitors to it? Well, images can do this trick for you. An image is worth 1000 words. So what would be the value of showing a complete images’ gallery on your website??

Interested?? Well, you must be. SnapWidget is the service that does this work for you. It enables you to embed an Instagram photos’ gallery on your website. Just point your browser to SnapWidget, fill the requisition form, asking you for the details of Instagram username, whose photos you want to embed on your website or blog.

The layout, look, size etc. of gallery are completely in your hand. You can display an Instagram photo gallery for a specific username or a hashtag of your choice. You will get a code after entering the details and then clicking on ‘Get Code’ button.

What’s more required?? Nothing my friend!! It’s all done. Just embed this code on your website or blog and if you don’t know how to do it, simply watch the tutorial out there to learn the same.

No registration, no fees. It’s completely free. Give SnapWidget a try now.


  • Display an Instagram photo gallery  on your blog or website.
  • Display photos of any particular username of hashtag.
  • Simple to install.
  • Completely free to use.

SnapWidget- Instagram Photos On Website or Blog

SnapWidget Says

Used by over 30,000 websites, SnapWidget allows you to quickly and easily embed a photo
gallery in your website or blog. No registration required!

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SnapWidget– Instagram Photos Gallery Widget



Tweet Old Post- Plugin For WordPress

Tweet Old Post is an awesome WordPress plugin to bring traffic to your blog. It does so by tweeting your old posts.

Your old posts in your WordPress blog should not get died with time. You must keep promoting them on time to time. This plugin does automate this task for you. Tweet Old Post makes your old posts alive by tweeting about them on Twitter and thus driving traffic to them.

The whole tweeting process is in your control. You can set priority, time interval and no. of tweets for any particular post; by going to the settings section of this plugin.

This is must have plugin for every WordPress user. You should give Tweet Old Post, a try now.


  • Tweet your old WordPress posts
  • Bring traffic to your old WordPress posts
  • Set priority, time interval and no. of tweets
  • Free to use
Tweet Old Post Says

This plugin helps you to keep your old posts alive by tweeting about them and driving more traffic to them from twitter. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set time and no of tweets to post to drive more traffic.

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Tweet Old Post – Plugin For WordPress



Mobypicture- Share Your Adventure With Your Friends Realtime

Mobypicture is a great application that lets you to share your images, audio clips, videos and text online with your friends. This app makes the sharing task easier. You can share your adventures with your friends and family on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and more.

Direct posting to blog platforms like WordPress and LiveJournal is also supported. You can enjoy all the features of Mobypicture, while on the move by downloading their app which is available for Nokia, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Seesmic devices.

You should give Mobypicture, a try now.


  • Share videos, images, music with ease
  • Share adventures on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and more
  • Post to blog platforms like WordPress and LiveJournal
  • App for Android, iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry devices
Mobypicture Says

Directly share your photos, videos and audio with your friends on your favorite social sites: facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube, and more!

Web Says

Mobypicture– Share Your Adventure With Your Friends Realtime



Mobypicture on Facebook


Lemmetweetthatforyou- Screenshot Of Fake Tweets

Got a screenshot of mind disturbing tweet under your friend’s or any celebrity’s name? Before you go with any decision, let me tell you that the screenshot may be fake as well. It’s not necessary to hack into someone’s Twitter account and then post under his/her name. You can do this task with the ‘Lemmetweetthatforyou’ .

‘Lemmetweetthatforyou’ is a Twitter related app that allows you to make fake tweets under any username. Although, you can’t post the tweets on Twitter, but you can have screenshot of tweets. That’s also not bad as images also speak the reality and are enough to make someone believe on any fact.

Using this Twitter tool is very simple. You just need to point your browser to their official site. Once you are there, just enter the Twitter handle of the person under whom you want tweet to come. When you add the Twitter handle, site automatically picks up the avatar image and real name of user. Now you can add your fake tweet and can have screenshot of it.

Nothing is perfect and so this site is. When you get the screenshot of fake tweets, you can see that the tweet comes with a line at the bottom ‘Via Twitter’. It describes the method by which the tweet was posted. As this is never a case with real tweets so one can find out that whether the tweet is real or not. But only the experienced Twitter users can judge it and not everyone.

So now you have fake tweet’s screenshot. Just share it with your friends to disturb their shock nerds. What about creating a controversial post on your blog and then adding fake screenshot to bring the reality in your controversy fact? The screenshot of fake tweet is with you. Do whatever you want and enjoy making others fool.

The service is free to use. You should give it a try now.


  • Create screenshot of fake tweets
  • Just enter the username of any Twitter user and leave the rest on the site
  • Use the screenshot to create controversial communication with your friends
  • Completely free to use



Lemmetweetthatforyou Says

Use this website to make fake tweets and to take screenshots of them.

Web Says

Lemmetweetthatforyou– Fake Tweets, Faking Tweets, Fake Screenshots



LinksAlpha – Share links on twitter and facebook

LinksAlpha lets users retweet, share and like pages from any site to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends with just one click. The user experience is similar to Facebook Like button but expanded to Twitter and Facebook Share as well. The plugin is available for WordPress and TypePad users. Non-platform users can also avail this functionality by getting the iframe code here.

One of the additional advantages of the plugin is that the UI loads in iframe so it doesn’t delay loading of webpages once plugin has been integrated.


  • 1-click Retweet
  • 1-click Facebook Share
  • 1-click Facebook Like
  • Displays counts next to the buttons
  • Offers consistent UI: aligned buttons and uniform color selection
  • Gives visual indication after the blog post is Retweeted/Shared/Liked

LinksAlpha Says

LinksAlpha lets users retweet, share and like pages from any site to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends with just one click.


  • LinksAlpha – Share links on twitter and facebook


TwitterWind – display twitter timelines on your blog or website

TwitterWind lets you display tweets from your twitter timeline on your blog. What that means is your blog readers would see the same tweets that you get to see in your twitter timeline.

TwitterWind uses twitter oAuth for authentication. You can select what content you want displayed on the widget. To display the widget on your blog you just need to copy paste a small snippet of the code.


  • Display your twitter timeline on your blog or website
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Choose what content to display

TwitterWind Says

TwitterWind: a widget that lets you display Twitter timelines on your blog or website.


  • TwitterWind – Display twitter timelines on your blog or website


  • @jksy – プログラマ twitterwind中の人
  • @ikasuzee – こんにちは、リツと言います。SNSの運営・ポータルサイトのサービス企画などいろんな仕事をしてきました。インターネットに助けられっぱなしなので自分も何か恩返しができればと思ってます☆→恩返し第一弾、TL・フォロワーを表示できるTwitterブログパーツ

SocialMention – real-time social media search and analysis

SocialMention let’s you track your brand or any keyword you wish to across all platforms such as blogs, sites as well as social media networks like Twitter.

Just like Google Alerts, you can set email alerts on SocialMention. For those who are curious to know what is being spoken about their brands over the Internet, these alerts can come in handy.

The search results page is comprehensive and has a lot of details such as the Top keywords , Sentiment, ability to export data in CSV format, the top users etc. You can sort the results by date and time.

SocialMention also provides an API for app developers. You can view Trends as well.


  • Track keywords and their mentions all over the Internet and social media sites
  • Create daily email alerts for your keywords
  • Comprehensive information on the keyword of interest
  • API available for developers

SocialMention Says

Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.



  • @socialmention – Developed by @jonnyjon – Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content.

Twitter Fans – an awesome WordPress plugin for every blogger who’s a twitter fan

TwitterFans is an excellent WordPress plugin that mimics the Facebook Fans widget available for blogs.

All you need to do is install the twitter fans plugin and it would be made available as a widget in your admin area. Then, just drag and drop it to the sidebar and voila! you have the twitter fan box ready!

The twitter fans widget allows customization up to a certain extent such as specifying the number of twitter fans to show, the color of the twitter fans widget etc. But, to make the widget work, all you need to fill is the twitter username, nothing else!


  • WordPress Plugin that mimics the functionality of Facebook fan widget for Twitter
  • Twitter fans WordPress Plugin
  • Just install the Plugin, drag and drop to your sidebar and you’re done

Twitter Fans Says

Twitter Fans lets you display your twitter followers in the sidebar as a widget just like Facebook’s fan widget in appearance. That’s what’s why we call it “Twitter Fans Widget”.

There are other plugins that let you display your twitter followers but they ask for your twitter password. While this plugin will just take username. Also it lets you change border, background, and color of the widget.



  • @SohailAbid – Currently, traveling the length and breadths of Pakistan on a motorcycle. (Author of a novel. Independent software developer. Loves Punjabi Sufi poetry.) – publish and track content on twitter, ideal for bloggers is a good tool for bloggers who want to track the effectiveness of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

All you need to do is specify your blog URL and link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. will then post any new feeds that appear. You can view stats for the clicks that came from twitter, facebook and linkedin. This way, you would know exactly which social media site is helping you more in increasing traffic to your blog.

The interface is clean and simple and setup takes hardly a minute. uses twitter oAuth for authentication.


  • Deliver your blog feed through
  • Track clicks across various social media sites
  • Ideal tool for publishers
  • Just provide blog URL or RSS feed Says provides bloggers, publishers and brands a way to instantly syndicate content and expand their reach on the social web and into new channels.

Our tools make it easy to manage and measure the flow of your content everywhere your audience is. publishes your media, your blogs, all your content to your social channels, ensuring your audience sees it instantly.


  • – Deliver your content to the social web


  • @dlvrit – One-click publishing to the social web. For support, tweet @dlvrit_support

TweetSeek – twitter widget to grab and display tweets on your site

TweetSeek is an embeddable widget that displays tweets related to the search term you specify. You can embed the widget on your site or blog.

The widget is highly customizable and there are a lot of pre-defined themes available as well. The widget collects data from Twitter then trims after 50th item to keep it usable. Feeds automatically pause when hovering over a tweet. You can use one or multiple keywords to search Twitter. Tweets can be filtered by username.


  • Collects data from Twitter then trims after 50th item to keep widget usable
  • Automatic pausing of feed when hovering over a tweet
  • Customizable width and height of widget to fit your needs
  • One or multiple keywords on which to search Twitter
  • Filtering of tweets by your (or another’s) username

TweetSeek Says

TweetSeek is a completely free Twitter widget that grabs the latest results from Twitter based on your keywords. You can use TweetSeek on your website, blog or…whatever.