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TwitRounds – free twitter backgrounds

TwitRounds is a site offering free twitter backgrounds just like some of our previously profiled sites.

TwitRounds has sorted the twitter backgrounds into a number of categories for users to be able to find the backgrounds of their choice.

The site allows you to download the backgrounds for manual upload to twitter or you can enter your twitter credentials and have the backgrounds automatically applied to your twitter profile.


  • Free Twitter backgrounds
  • Many different categories to choose from
  • Download the twitter backgrounds or automatically apply to your profile


TwitRounds Says

twitrounds was established to help provide high quality twitter backgrounds for all you twitter lovers. We want to do the hard part and make creative, good looking backgrounds. All you have to do is find the twitter background you want. Once you find that background, simply install it and enjoy! We will continue to add backgrounds daily.



  • @twitrounds – Free Twitter Backgrounds…Thats all we do! Request backgrounds by doing @twitrounds bg info…RT us!
  • @SodaEric – Marketing Specialist @
  • @TheArtLogs – Freelance Writer, Art Junkie, Curator, SEO Learner, Blogger, I wear multiple hats

WishAFriend – custom twitter backgrounds

WishAFriend is not an exclusive twitter site but it has what many twitter users would like – Background images to suit your twitter profile.

What catches the eye is the free personalized background generator which helps you put up your photo on an iPhone, a postage stamp, dollar note and so on. You need to select the image you want as your background and then upload your photo so that a new custom background image with your pic in it is generated for you.

The site also has a good number of regular backgrounds that can be uploaded to your twitter profile. A flash widget is available which helps you display your last tweet on your blog.


  • Generate custom twitter backgrounds for free
  • Twitter background images for your twitter profile
  • Twitter flash widget to embed your latest tweets on your blog




  • @wishafriendcom – has cool stuff for blogs & sites like Twitter, Blogger, Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, Friendster, Facebook, Bebo, Tagged and more.

SweetTweet – free twitter backgrounds and buttons

SweetTweet provides twitter users with twitter backgrounds and buttons. There are a few other sites like Twitter-Images, DoctorTwitter, Twitbacks etc. which also provide twitter backgrounds but the fact that each site has different designs makes them all worth mentioning!

SweetTweet has a huge collection of twitter backgrounds and all the images have been categorized for easy drill down. There are categories such as Fashion Backgrounds, Girly backgrounds, guy backgrounds etc. There are sub categories as well!

There is no option to automatically set your twitter background. You would need to download the image and then upload it to your twitter account.


  • Free twitter backgrounds and twitter buttons
  • Backgrounds divided into categories and sub categories
  • Huge collection of twitter backgrounds as well as twitter buttons
  • Download any image and upload to your twitter profile


SweetTweet Says

We have everything from twitter backgrounds to twitter buttons and we’ll even show you how to use twitter too!


  • SweetTweet – Twitter Backgrounds, Twitter Buttons, Twitter Layouts


  • @SweetTweetNet – Make your twitter SWEET! Only at SWEETTWEET.NET 🙂
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Twitter-Images – free twitter backgrounds

Twitter-images is a site that has a number of free twitter backgrounds. The background images available look pretty good and you can download them or auto install right from the site.

Clear instructions are provided on setting the background images to your twitter profile. The site even has a tag cloud to search for images using tags.


  • A variety of twitter images for setting as your twitter background
  • Manual as well as auto upload available
  • Search images via tag cloud




  • @twitlyts – offers free backgrounds and tools to promote your Twitter profile all over the web
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DoctorTwitter – free twitter backgrounds, layouts, themes and pictures

DoctorTwitter provides you with free twitter backgrounds and layouts.

All the images are free for download. You can browse through the various categories available.

Once you decide on a background, you have the option to directly apply it to your twitter profile by entering your twitter username and password. If you are hesitant to enter your credentials, then DoctorTwitter even allows you to download the images and upload them to your twitter account manually!


  • Free twitter backgrounds and layouts
  • Enter your twitter credentials and easily change your background, or download the images


DoctorTwitter Says

What is Doctor Twitter? Doctor Twitter is the Twitter Fixer Upper. What does that mean? It means we make the most kick ass Twitter themes the world has ever seen :). Look out for Doctor Twitter on a profile near you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you ;).



  • @BlackMediaProp – Need a Free Twitter Background? Check out One Click Apply!

TwitterBackgroundsGallery – view the best twitter backgrounds

TwitterBackgroundsGallery showcases the best twitter backgrounds.

The twitter backgrounds displayed are submitted by twitter users, and others get to vote for the best designs.

You can easily view the highest rated images and browse the various backgrounds by category. The site also displays a few Featured Designers.


  • View the best twitter backgrounds
  • Submit and vote for twitter backgrounds


TwitterBackgroundsGallery Says

We love Twitter and we love creative people there! We intended this site to serve as a showcase, inspiration and resource for all Twitter fans willing to express their individuality, creativity and professionalism not only through their twitterstream but via their profile background as well. Look around and get inspired!


  • @twitterBgallery – A showcase of unique twitter backgrounds. Proud of yours? Submit it to the gallery! (project by @webhues 😉
  • @webhues – Co-founder of / user interface & experience consultant / designer / coder / open source enthusiast / modern art lover
  • @krutchaScience, Art, coding for both

Peekr – view twitter backgrounds without the tweets!

Peekr is a cool twitter bookmarklet that lets you view any twitter users background image without any tweets obstructing your view!

Just drag the Peekr bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and try Peekr by clicking the bookmarklet while you are on a twitter profile. The way all the tweets and other profile information slide away makes Peekr a cool twitter bookmarklet.


  • Twitter bookmarklet to help you view any twitter users background image without any obstacles
  • Tweets and other profile information slide away on click of the bookmarklet


Peekr Says

Are you hip to twitter? Well, peekr is kinda like a Twitter Widget (a “twidget”) because it’s a tiny little Twitter helper. Some tweeple might call it a bookmarklet, but we know it’s so much more!


  • Peekr – One click to view twitter backgrounds


  • @peekr – View full twitter backgrounds with a click!
  • @unscriptable – Master Javascript/CSS coder and Front-end Engineer, dojo expert (I’m available for projects and/or training)
  • @ptamaro – I am afflicted with ‘Addictium Twiticus’


Twitbacks – free twitter backgrounds


TwitBacks helps you create cool twitter backgrounds for your twitter profile page.

Twitter profile pages are inportant as a lot of twitterers who would want to follow you would first visit your twitter profile. Having a cool twitter background would help you gain a few more followers.

TwitBacks is one of the easiest twitter background creator and its free too! Your background would display all your relevant social media links.

Once you create your free twitter background image, you have the option to automatically post it to your twitter profile as well as download it.


  • Free twitter background creator
  • Easy to create
  • Displays all your relevant social media links in a nice and easy to read way
  • Lots of background images to choose from


TwitBacks Says

In less than 2 minutes… Brand yourself on Twitter by creating your very own Twitter background. Then, let us promote your Twitter Profile for you on the web.


  • TwitBacks – TwitBacks allows you to create FREE branded Twitter Backgrounds and promote your Twitter profile all over the web.
  • Blog


  • @twitbacks – TwitBacks allows you to create FREE branded Twitter Backgrounds and promote your Twitter profile all over the web.

PrettyTweet – create free custom twitter backgrounds


PrettyTweet lets you design your own custom twitter backgrounds! There is a WYSIWYG editor which makes designing backgrounds a breeze.

You can upload your image and write vertical text at the sidebar too. Use your imagination to create the perfect twitter background for yourself.


  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Upload your own image or logo
  • Reposition and resize image/logo
  • Add your own text in two layouts options
  • Change text colors
  • Change text sizes
  • Change text position
  • Drag and drop positioning
  • It’s FREE


PrettyTweet Says

Create a FREE Twitter Background with our Visual Designer


  • PrettyTweet – online twitter background designer / generator


  • @prettytweet – allows you to create free, personalized backgrounds for twitter.
  • @chadwyatt – Web developer