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TwitArt- Get More Twitter Followers With a Custom Twitter Background

The first impression is last impression. Isn’t it? Is it same for our social media life? Yes it is. Did you ever think about the impression that your Twitter profile makes on others? Take a look at your Twitter now.

Oh! too boring background. This background image is not just any normal image, it’s your representative to your followers and other users on Twitter. The more attractive it is, the more followers you will get. If are like me, having the zero knowledge of Photoshop or art of creativity then, TwitArt is for you.

TwitArt is a website, that offers you custom background designing service. The backgrounds are designed according to your demand. You just need to order them with all your requirements and TwitArt will design it for you.

The quality of their work can be seen by going through their past work that is shown on their website itself. One custom background takes around 2-3 days (longer sometimes) for completion and costs you $79.

So what are you waiting for? Get more Twitter followers with a custom Twitter background. Try TwitArt now.


  • Get custom background for your Twitter profile
  • Just tell your requirements and get the work done
  • All backgrounds are 1900 pixels wide
  • Graphics are carefully compressed to retain clarity and load quickly

TwitArt- Custom Twitter Background

TwitArt Says

TwitArt creates beautiful custom Twitter background to increase your followers’ count and to build a strong brand on Twitter.

Web Says

TwitArt– Get More Twitter Followers With a Custom Twitter Background




WeLoveBackgrounds – free twitter backgrounds

WeLoveBackgrounds provides with you a wide range of free twitter apps.

There are a lot of categories you can choose from such as Cartoon, Pirate, Diamonds, Love, Stars etc. The site is oAuth enabled and hence you do not need to provide any password to install the free background.


  • Free twitter backgrounds
  • Backgrounds divided into a variety of categories
  • oAuth enabled site


WeLoveBackgrounds Says

The best source for twitter backgrounds. We have the largest range of free twitter backgrounds on the net.



  • @twitrlayouts – Twitter Backgrounds from the source. We also post Twitter News and funny links!

ChicBackgrounds – free twitter backgrounds for your profile

ChicBackgrounds offers free background images for your twitter profile. There are categories you can choose from such as City, Home, Food, Abstract etc.

You have two options to use these backgrounds. Either automatically by providing your username and password or manually by downloading the backgrounds and uploading them to Twitter.


  • Free backgrounds for your Twitter profile
  • Install automatically or download and upload to Twitter manually


ChicBackgrounds Says

Chic Backgrounds is your source for free, high quality Twitter backgrounds and designs.



TwtBG – view your twitter background in various resolutions

TwtBG helps you check your twitter background on a variety of screen resolutions.

Having a good twitter background is important and making sure that the background doesn’t look ugly when viewed in a particular screen resolution is equally important.

Go check your current twitter background and if it isn’t good enough then get some better backgrounds from sites such as twitter-images and other such sites offering free twitter backgrounds.


  • Check your twitter background image
  • View your background image in various screen resolutions



  • TwtBG – Twitter background checker


  • @twtbg– Check how your Twitter profile page looks with bigger or smaller screen sizes
  • @ozh – WordPress & PHP hacker

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