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All websites with a mobile version that help in using twitter over a mobile phone browser showcased here.

Mobypicture- Share Your Adventure With Your Friends Realtime

Mobypicture is a great application that lets you to share your images, audio clips, videos and text online with your friends. This app makes the sharing task easier. You can share your adventures with your friends and family on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and more.

Direct posting to blog platforms like WordPress and LiveJournal is also supported. You can enjoy all the features of Mobypicture, while on the move by downloading their app which is available for Nokia, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Seesmic devices.

You should give Mobypicture, a try now.


  • Share videos, images, music with ease
  • Share adventures on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and more
  • Post to blog platforms like WordPress and LiveJournal
  • App for Android, iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry devices
Mobypicture Says

Directly share your photos, videos and audio with your friends on your favorite social sites: facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube, and more!

Web Says

Mobypicture– Share Your Adventure With Your Friends Realtime



Mobypicture on Facebook


Twellow- Public Directory For Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a great way to connect with other bloggers and it will become even better if we are able to list the people of same interest as us and can exchange our thoughts with them. Twellow is a Twitter web based tool that allows you to do so. Twellow is a directory for Twitter accounts bringing all the Twitter users of same interests, together at one place.

Twellow allows the Twitter users to add their profile in their directory and under the appropriate category. You can choose the suitable category according to your interest and can interact with other users lying in the same category. You can update your profile to be used in Twellow and can also link your other social networking profiles there. Twellow also ranks the profiles in different categories depending on the Twitter profile of user and some tactics like tweets, followers, mentions, retweets etc.

Using Twellow is quite simple and only free registration is required to get listed there. So give Twellow, a try now.


  • Update your Twellow profile and categories
  • Interact with other users having same interest as you
  • Link your social networking profiles in your profile at Twellow
  • Search for the people matching exact keywords
  • Completely free to use

Twellow Says

Twellow makes it simple for you to connect with other Twitter users. You can connect with users having same interest as you.

Web Says

Twellow– Public Directory for Twitter accounts.



Twittme – Mobile twitter application is a web based twitter application built for mobile users.

Since the application is web based, you just need a mobile browser and connection to tweet from your mobile phone. We all know that the twitter mobile site is pretty lame and is a handicap to use. Twittme has some really useful features that help you tweet better from your mobile phone.

With Twittme, you can reply to your friends, retweet interesting tweets, star them as well as send tweets through email to your friends! The site also has twitter search feature to help you search tweets on Twitter.


  • Twitter mobile site
  • Star, RT, @reply and email through the site
  • Search tweets using the Twitter Search API


Twittme Says is a mobile twitter client, designed to run on every phone.This site is using exposed twitter functionality as well as some extended features.



  • @twittme_mobi – is Full featured mobile twitter site with cool interface and extras

LogPost – a free twitter client for mobile phones

LogPost seems like a nice and feature rich mobile interface for twitter. You can easily view your timeline, update your twitter status and follow new users too.

There is a Trends feature, which helps you track the current trends on twitter. You can view only your posts (ego tweeter?). Click on any friends icon and start a conversation by way of direct messages. The app arranges direct messages separately so that you can strike a conversation and not lose thread of it!


  • Free twitter mobile client
  • Feature rich and easy to use
  • Update, send direct messages and @replies
  • Start a conversation by way of direct messages


LogPost Says

We maturized Twitter to fit perfectly on your phone. We paid close attention to the details so you could enjoy sending and receiving messages from anywhere. To use Twitter for iPhone you’ll need an phone and a Twitter Account.


  • LogPost – Twitter for mobile phones


  • @logpost – Create a discussion about anything!

Filttr – mobile twitter interface from Filttr

Filttr mobile interface helps you tweet easily through your cell phones.

Filttr mobile has all the standard features you would expect from a mobile twitter app. You can easily Reply, Fav, Retweet and DM your friends on twitter. You can click on a username to view the persons bio.

You also get to use most of the features present in the original Filttr web interface. You can make use of the Aliases, Search, upload files etc.


  • Mobile alternative to the Filttr web interface
  • Reply, DM, RT and Fav easily
  • Aliases, Search, upload files features
  • View Timeline, Replies and Favorites


Filttr Says

there are times when you would like to cut out the chirping and just focus on what is important. Filttr makes it easy for you to do just that. our super intelligent birds understand what interests you, and only fetch you the tweets they think you’ll want to see.



  • @filttr – Not now … I haz tweets 2 filttr!

TwitStat Mobile – mobile twitter app

TwitStat has been built for twitter mobile users. It seems better than twitter’s mobile interface and has a lot many features too.

You can @reply, DM, RT as well as send a tweet as a mail! There is ego search which displays all tweets that contain your twitter username. There is a heart symbol that appears next to each user. When you heart a person, the person becomes your tweetheart and you can view their timeline easily at the click of a button.


  • Improved mobile interface for twitter
  • View friends, @Reply, DM, RT and mail
  • Ego search, smart highlighting and tweetheart


TwitStat Says

Twitstat Mobile is a twitter client like but with cool features like an ego search (new!) and smart highlighting.


  • Twit2d – twitter mobile interface


Slandr – mobile twitter

Slandr is a mobile site for twitter users. You can login with your twitter credentials and start twittering on any mobile device using a browser.

You can Reply, DM, Fav and Retweet easily on your mobile using Slandr.

Slandr even allows you to post images using MobyPicture or TwitPic. You will even find a TwitterCounter integration!

A lot of other services such as Twitter Search, TwitterLocal and have also been integrated with Slandr.


  • Reply, DM, Fav and Retweet easily on a mobile browser
  • Post images to TwitPic or MobyPicture
  • Twitter Search
  • TwitterLocal integration
  • TwitterCounter integration
  • integration


Slandr Says

Slandr delivers an enhanced mobile site for twitterlogo, with: replies, direct messaging



  • @slandr – ReadWriteWeb: “Slandr May be the Best (non iPhone) Mobile Twitter App Available”
  • @roelandp – webber en fulltime vriend van @heleenvanlier

Dabr – mobile interface for twitter

Dabr is a mobile interface for twitter. You can access Dabr on a mobile phone using a browser. Dabr has features such as Reply, DM, Fav and Retweet.

Twitter Search has also been integrated into this site.

Dabr is an open source project which we think is a rarity among twitter apps!


  • Reply, DM, Fav and Retweet from your mobile browser
  • View favourites, friends and followers information
  • Twitter Search
  • Clean and easy to use


Dabr Says

Dabr is a mobile web interface to Twitter’s API. It has been described as on steroids, and tries to provide as much mobile functionality as possible.



  • @dabr – An open source mobile twitter website by @davidcarrington
  • @davidcarrington – Web Developer, diabolo juggler, mobile enthusiast


Tweete is a nice, light-weight, feature rich alternative to the twitter web interface.

Tweete can be categorized as one of the best mobile twitter interfaces available today. It has all the standard features that a twitterer can ask for like @Reply, DM, fav as well as RT!


  • Feature rich alternative web interface
  • Light-weight and hence loads faster
  • @Reply, RT, fav and @Reply option available



  • @tweeteA lightweight feature rich mobile twitter client
  • @bmnA web hacker who enjoys css/html/js/php/linux, creator of