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HoverMe- Social Web Profile Hovercard

HoverMe is a cool app for Chrome to discover the profiles of your friends on other social networking sites.

It’s an awesome app to get the complete social profile for users on Twitter, Empire Avenue, TweetMeme and Trendistic. Using HoverMe is very simple. Install it on your Chrome browser. Hover your mouse to your friend’s name or image and you will get the list of social networks, which your friend is member of.

With HoverMe you can get profile info of your friends on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger, Mashable Follow, Foursquare, Plancast, Delicious, Posterous, FriendFeed, Technorati, Picasa and many more. The whole data is crawled and then represented to your by HoverMe, via Qwerly.

It’s completely free to use. You should try HoverMe now.


  • Discover your friends on social media
  • Profiles info of your friends on other social networking sites
  • Completely free to use

HoverMe Says

Find your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious, Flickr and many more.

Social Web Hovercard for Twitter & Facebook users you follow.

Enhance your social web experience.

Web Says

HoverMe– Social Web Profile Hovercard



Silver Bird- Follow Your Timeline And Interact With Your Twitter Account On Google Chrome

Sick of opening the Twitter web again and again? Well, say Good Bye to it and use Silver Bird. It’s Twitter extension for Google Chrome that lets you to use Twitter within the browser’s tab.

This extension gives you real time updates of your Twitter account and shows you notification in red color. New tweets can be composed from the tab and that also with the URL shortening feature. You can view any user’s profile by clicking on the tweet, which takes you to a new page. Users can be followed and unfollowed inside the extension.

Impressed? Then what are you waiting for? You should give Silver Bird, a try now,


  • Check trending topics
  • Real time timeline updates
  • Upload images from inside the extension
  • Follow / Unfollow users by using the inline user actions menu
  • Create custom search queries that will update automatically
  • Preview image links by hovering them
  • Free to use

Silver Bird Says

Silver Bird is a Twitter extension for Google Chrome that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.

Web Says

Silver Bird- Follow Your Timeline And Interact With Your Twitter Account On Google Chrome

Proxlet- Tweet Filter For Chrome

Proxlet, a Google Chrome Extension, allows you to make your Twitter timeline, clean and simple. It does so by filtering the annoying tweets that you get daily on your timeline.

With Proxlet, you can mute annoying users, can block the Foursquare checkins. Proxlet is the best Chrome extension to fight noise on your Twitter timeline and to save your time that you waste daily in reading the annoying updates from other users, that don’t have any benefit for you.

Moreover, you can use Proxlet to hide tweets based on hashtags and to see links from chatty users. In short words, Proxlet is a perfect Chrome extension that brings the simplicity in your Twitter timeline by cleaning all the annoying tweets.

Using Proxlet doesn’t cost you anything. You should give Proxlet, a try now.


  • Get rid from the annoying tweets
  • Block the annoying Foursquare Checkins
  • Hide tweets related to any particular topic
  • Free to use
Proxlet Says
Fight the noise on Twitter. Mute users, filter tags, and block apps (permanently or temporarily).
Web Says
Proxlet– Tweet Filter For Chrome


Twitter Notifier- Brings New Tweet Notifications To Chrome

If you are using World’s most popular browser Google Chrome, then you must be aware with the fact that Chrome app store is completely flooded with the Twitter related apps. Twitter Notifier is one of the best Chrome extensions for Twitter and I personally use it with my Chrome.

Twitter Notifier brings the new tweet notifications to Chrome as soon as they get published. It also makes use of Desktop Notification feature of Chrome to bring the notifications on your desktop. Clicking on the notification open Twitter site. The links in the tweets are clickable.

You can link multiple Twitter accounts with Twitter Notifier. It makes the use of oAuth for sign in process, so no need to worry about your Twitter security credentials.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try now.


  • Best Chrome extension for Twitter
  • Brings new tweet notifications to Chrome
  • Comes with desktop notifications feature
  • Multiple Twitter accounts support
  • Completely free to use

Twitter Notifier Says
Twitter Notifier for Chrome brings new tweet notifications to your desktop! It uses Twitter’s streaming API – meaning tweets, DMs and @replies all appear instantly – faster than most desktop clients!

Web Says

Twitter Notifier– Brings new Tweet notifications to Chrome



Kwitty- A Chrome Application Of Twitter

Having the most popular browser, Google Chrome on your system and still using the Twitter in old styles?? Come on, it’s 2012, let show others that you are running with the same pace as the world is. There are many apps developed for Twitter for use with your Chrome, but Kwitty is shining in the long queue.

Kwitty is a Chrome application of Twitter, which is quite simple to use, Yes, but offers your advanced features. In fact, it’s a Chrome app for Twitter that can be tagged as ‘Do less, Get More.’ This app offers you official retweet and quote style RT.

Sick of getting short URLs on your timeline? This app enables you to have a preview of the link and you can view the rich content like Videos and Photos inline. Choose from 24 themes to use on your Twitter timeline and customize the background, the way you want.

Using the app does not require you to download any thing or to go through any sign up process. Simply sign in by authorizing your Twitter account and get ready to use this awesome Chrome app.

Still thinking to use it or not? We recommend you to use it. So give it a try now.


  • Official retweet or quote style RT
  • URL preview inline
  • Compact view in a Window
  • Background customization
  • 24 kind of themes to choose from
  • Completely free to use

Kwitty Says

Kwitty is a local, simple and tab based Twitter web application from Chrome.

Web Says

Kwitty– A Chrome Application Of Twitter.

GrabInbox – easily manage, post and schedule to multiple twitter and facebook accounts

GrabInbox is a new and easy way to manage multiple twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts. Traditionally every new app that comes out to manage multiple twitter accounts relies on users having to create and monitor several tabs. But grabinbox takes a new approach in the form of ‘notifications’.

With grabinbox, you do not really need to painstakingly monitor each and every account. All you do is add your twitter, facebook or linkedin accounts (posting to multiple Google plus accounts will come as soon as google releases the API). Once you’ve added the account, grabinbox will continuously monitor all your accounts and display notifications when you have new mentions, direct messages or any new posts by your friends.

The notifications are completely configurable. Keeping a tab on multiple twitter lists is super easy since you can just add the list and set notifications so that you don’t miss on any new content.

Apart from being able to efficiently manage all the several accounts you have, posting to these accounts is equally simple. The update box allows you to even schedule messages for a future date. If you do not like to manually schedule messages,  you can hit the ‘JustLater’ button. JustLater automatically schedules updates such that your tweets go out at the right time and get maximum exposure. The site uses a set of sophisticated algorithms that determines when is the best time to tweet to twitter as well as post to facebook.

To make it easy to share web pages across your social networks, GrabInbox has a nifty bookmarklet that let’s you share any web page using any browser. For Google Chrome, there is a super fast plugin that makes it a breeze to share web pages across all your networks.

Give GrabInbox a try today as it is completely FREE to get started!


  • Manage multiple twitter, facebook, fb fan pages and linkedin accounts
  • Easily post to multiple twitter, fb, fan pages and linkedin accounts
  • Schedule tweets and posts for a future date
  • JustLater helps you automatically schedule tweets and posts
  • Posts go out at the right time thanks to algorithms that calculate best time to tweet
  • Bookmarklet to share any web page to any social network
  • Google Chrome plugin for super fast sharing


GrabInbox Says

GrabInbox lets you easily manage multiple facebook, twitter, linkedin accounts. GrabInbox helps you schedule messages, tweets, facebook posts for future. Instant notifications for important network updates like mentions, direct messages and fb fan pages.


  • GrabInbox – Manage multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin


Disclaimer: I’m one of the co-founder of GrabInbox.

Conwitter – twitter client for Google Chrome

Conwitter is a twitter client built as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. If you are a Google Chrome user, you should probably give this extension a try.

Conwitter displays replies to threads inline, meaning you do not need to figure out the context in which a user tweeted the reply. This makes following conversations all the more easier. You can opt to receive real-time updates via the push notification.

Unread tweets, direct messages, replies and you own tweets are identified with different colors. You can mark tweets as “read”. You can customize the colors used in the extension. Use any background color for replies, retweets, etc. Even the dimensions of the extension are fully customizable.


  • Twitter extension for Google Chrome
  • Update, reply and view conversations in-line
  • Real-Time Updates (Push Notifications)
  • Color tagging
  • Read button
  • Highly customizable


Conwitter Says

View replies as conversations; no longer do you need to click the “in reply-to” button to find out what the tweet is about.


  • Conwitter – A twitter client with a twist