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LinkBunch- Put Multiple Links Into One

If you have been using Internet for a long time, then you must be familiar with the link shortening tools and sites. These sites are of great use to hide the original link behind a new and short one.

The link shortening services are mostly used in the social media promotion. LinkBunch is also one out of the huge list of link shortening sites but yes, with unique feature of shrinking more than one URL at single time.

Using LinkBunch is simple. Just point your browser to LinkBunch’s site and enter the links that you want to get shortened. Click on the ‘Bunch’ and all links will get shortened into a single one that you can share on social media like Facebook , Twitter etc. When anyone clicks on that short link, then a new page, displaying the original links in a list, gets opened, giving  user the option to go to any link.

It’s completely free to use. You should try LinkBunch now.


  • Put multiple links into one
  • Shorten as many links as you want into single link
  • Perfect tool for social media promotional purposes
  • Completely free to use

LinkBunch- Put Multiple Links Into One

LinkBunch Says

LinkBunch lets you put multiple links into one small link which you can share over IM, Twitter, email or even a mobile phone SMS.

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LinkBunch– Put Multiple Links Into One



HoverMe- Social Web Profile Hovercard

HoverMe is a cool app for Chrome to discover the profiles of your friends on other social networking sites.

It’s an awesome app to get the complete social profile for users on Twitter, Empire Avenue, TweetMeme and Trendistic. Using HoverMe is very simple. Install it on your Chrome browser. Hover your mouse to your friend’s name or image and you will get the list of social networks, which your friend is member of.

With HoverMe you can get profile info of your friends on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger, Mashable Follow, Foursquare, Plancast, Delicious, Posterous, FriendFeed, Technorati, Picasa and many more. The whole data is crawled and then represented to your by HoverMe, via Qwerly.

It’s completely free to use. You should try HoverMe now.


  • Discover your friends on social media
  • Profiles info of your friends on other social networking sites
  • Completely free to use

HoverMe Says

Find your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious, Flickr and many more.

Social Web Hovercard for Twitter & Facebook users you follow.

Enhance your social web experience.

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HoverMe– Social Web Profile Hovercard



Silver Bird- Follow Your Timeline And Interact With Your Twitter Account On Google Chrome

Sick of opening the Twitter web again and again? Well, say Good Bye to it and use Silver Bird. It’s Twitter extension for Google Chrome that lets you to use Twitter within the browser’s tab.

This extension gives you real time updates of your Twitter account and shows you notification in red color. New tweets can be composed from the tab and that also with the URL shortening feature. You can view any user’s profile by clicking on the tweet, which takes you to a new page. Users can be followed and unfollowed inside the extension.

Impressed? Then what are you waiting for? You should give Silver Bird, a try now,


  • Check trending topics
  • Real time timeline updates
  • Upload images from inside the extension
  • Follow / Unfollow users by using the inline user actions menu
  • Create custom search queries that will update automatically
  • Preview image links by hovering them
  • Free to use

Silver Bird Says

Silver Bird is a Twitter extension for Google Chrome that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.

Web Says

Silver Bird- Follow Your Timeline And Interact With Your Twitter Account On Google Chrome

Twit100- See Your Followers At A Glance

Twit100 is a web-based app that allows you to see your followers (up to 100) at glance.

Almost every follower of yours expect to get followed back by you. When you have too many followers, then it becomes very tough to go through all the followers to follow them. This is where Twit100 comes into play. Just enter your Twitter handle and press enter. Your followers (up to 100) will be there in front of you. So you can follow them easily.

It’s completely free to use. You should give Twit100, a try now.


  • See your followers ( up to 100) at glance
  • Makes it easy to follow your followers
  • Free to use

Twit100 Says

When you have too many followers, it’s free hard to follow all of them. With Twit100, you can see your followers at a glance! (up to 100)

Web Says 

Twit100– See your followers at a glance



Tweetwasters- Calculate The Time You Spend On Twitter

Tweetwasters is a web-based app that allows you to check the time you spend on Twitter.

Using this app is simple. Just open their homepage and enter your Twitter username or of any user of Twitter, whose time you want to calculate. Press the ‘Calculate’ button and you are done. The time spend by that particular Twitter user (whose username you entered, might be your own) on Twitter will be right there in front of you.

The time calculated by this app is based on no. of tweets posted by you till date. Moreover, your Twitter rank is also displayed based on the time calculated by Tweetwasters.

Well, this app calls the time spend by you on Twitter as ‘waste’ time. But if you have been on Twitter for business purpose, then this time is not any ‘waste’ for you. Is it??

You should give Tweetwasters, a try now.


  • Check the time spend on Twitter by you or any other user
  • Get rank based on the calculated time
  • Completely free to use

Tweetwasters Says

Use Tweetwasters to check just how much time DO you spend on Twitter?

Web Says

Tweetwasters– Calculate the time you spend on Twitter







Tweetake- Backup Your Twitter Profile

Tweetake is a web-based app that allows you to take backup of your Twitter profile. You can take backup of your followers, the people whom you follow and tweets as well.

Using the app is simple. Sign in with your Twitter login details and you are ready to take backup of entire profile. You can also take backup of any particular selection like tweets, followers, list of people followed by you. Tweetake will take the backup for you.

The backup is saved in CSV format which you can open in any text-editor. This enables you to have easy access to your Twitter’s backup. It’s completely free to use.

You should give Tweetake, a try now.


  • Take backup of  your Twitter profile
  • Backup your followers, tweets, the people that you follow
  • Backup in easy to open, CSV format
  • Completely free to use

Tweetake Says

Tweetake allows you to take backup of your Twitter profile including followers, the people that you follow, tweets; in CSV format.

Web Says

Tweetake– Backup Your Twitter Profile



TweetTag- Tag Based Search Tool For Twitter

TweetTag is a simple to use web-based app that allows you to search for topics on Twitter. You can check that what people are talking about any particular topic. TweetTag can also be called as ‘Tag Based Search Engine For Twitter’.

Just enter the name of topic and click on the ‘Search’ button. The most recent updates and tweets about the entered topic, will be right there in front of you. Moreover, the homepage of TweetTag shows 40 most recent tags.

It’s completely free to use. You should give TweetTag, a try now.


  • Search what people are taking about any particular topic on Twitter
  • Check 40 most/recent tags on the homepage
  • Completely free to use

TweetTag Says

Check out the most popular topics on Twitter right now

Web Says

TweetTag- Tag based search tool for Twitter




Twitscoop- Stay Top On Twitter

Twitscoop is a web-based Twitter app that enables you to stay top on Twitter. You can stay updated with the latest trends going on the Twitter.

You just need to login into the Twitscoop by authorizing it with your Twitter account.  You can Receive, send tweets, and find new friends instantly, without even reloading your page. The ‘Search’ feature allows you to search for latest and hot trends going on Twitter.

You should give Twitscoop, a try now.


  • Twitpic images on the fly
  • Never miss the buzz
  • Multi-tab search and graphs
  • Follow stocks
  • Never reload your page
  • Track stats

Twitscoop Says

TwitScoop enables you to stay top on Twitter. You can search Twitter and hot trends with ease.

Web Says

Twitscoop– Stay Top On Twitter






Tweet Line- Twitter Headline Toolbar For Firefox

Tweet Line is Twitter based Add-On for Firefox that brings your friend’s tweets on your browser’s toolbar. The new tweets coming on your Firefox’s toolbar seem as any news channel is sending you most recent updates.

You are not only able to see tweets on browser’s toolbar but are also provided with the options that you get in You can reply to tweets, retweet any tweet, can view previous tweets and Yes, all that features on your browser’s toolbar.

Moreover, you can compose direct messages,  can open your inbox, can open Twitter’s homepage from the Firefox’s toolbar itself by using Tweet Line.

It’s completely free to use. You should give Tweet Line, a try now.


  • Get your friend’s tweets on Firefox’s toolbar
  • Reply to tweet, retweet it and add any tweet to your favorite list
  • Open direct messages, Twitter homepage
  • Completely free to use

Tweet Line Says

Display your friend’s time line of Twitter on your browser tool bar.

Web Says

Tweet Line– Twitter headline toolbar for Firefox



HootBar- Enjoy Twitter From Firefox’s Address Bar

HootBar is a Twitter related Add-On for Firefox that comes from the house of HootSuite. It allows you to enjoy the Twitter from the address bar of your Firefox browser.

After installing this Add-On, you can post any link to your Twitter timeline by simply clicking the Twitter logo that you can find on the right side of  address bar. You can insert your message with the link and can post it as tweet by just using –post at the end of your message.

Multiple Twitter accounts can be handled with this Add-On. You can post your message to various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. all at one instant. Your social account stats and click count on links can also be tracked with HootBar.

It’s completely free to use. You should give HootBar, a try now.


  • Share links on Twitter from Firefox’s address bar
  • Post tweets from address bar
  • Multiple Twitter accounts support
  • Send messages to major social networking sites, at single instant
  • Track your social media performance
  • Completely free to use

HootBar Says

The HootBar from HootSuite allows you to post messages to Twitter and other social networks from the Firefox address bar. (Note: version 4.0, which includes the Hootlet, has been submitted to Mozilla and will be released shortly).

Web Says

HootBar– Enjoy Twitter From Firefox’s Address Bar