CampusTweet – now find twitterers from your college

CampusTweet helps you find fellow college friends who are on twitter.

The site currently lists colleges in the United States only. You can browse based on the State in which a college is located or the name of a college.

CampusTweet can be a nice place to find students currently studying in your college as well as alumni.


  • Find college mates on twitter
  • Search for colleges based on state or name
  • Currently lists colleges in the United States only



  • CampusTweet – A twitter directory of college students and alumni


  • @campustweet – Hi 🙂 I’m michelle @mileless How can I help you?
  • @mileless – Some people live life in the fast lane – I live in oncoming traffic.’ recent UF college graduate, realist, social media lover, photographer, I ♥ my mom.
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31 thoughts on “CampusTweet – now find twitterers from your college

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  3. Manish Ahuja

    I *LOVE* the concept of this website. I appreciate it so much that I don’t mind investing in a website like this which is made for Indian colleges, institutes, universities etc. Got a good plan someone? Contact me 🙂

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