Buzzom Desktop – twitter desktop client for your PC

Buzzom Desktop is yet another twitter application from the developers of the bulk follow unfollow twitter tool TwitIn.

You can easily manage multiple twitter accounts, have friend lists and temporarily hide tweets from users you do not wish to view updates from. The tweet hiding feature comes in handy when at times a few of your twitter friends start clogging your timeline with updates that do not interest you or are irrelevant to you.

The application lets you view tweets based on categories such as Celebrity, News, Social Media, Sports and Technology. There’s a really nice Search feature which lets you search on various criteria such as Content, Location, Users as well as Bio.

Uploading videos and images cannot be simpler than this. All you need to do is just drag and drop the pics or videos and they would be automatically uploaded for you! Long URLs are automatically shortened.


  • Desktop twitter client
  • Hide tweets from users without unfollowing them
  • Drag and drop videos and images
  • Create friend list
  • View tweets based on categories such as Sports, Technology, News etc.
  • Automatically shortens long URLs


Buzzom Says

Buzzom Desktop is a new cool way of managing your tweets and friends in Twitter. It allows you to manage more than one account and lets you group your friends according to your requirement.

Buzzom Desktop allows you to hide uninteresting tweets temporarily. It also allows you to view tweets according to category like news, celebrity, sports, social media and economics without your need of following them.

Buzzom also provides a live search which allows you to search bu content, Bio, location and user. Buzzom Desktop allows you to tweet like a PRO.


  • Buzzom – A new cool way of managing your tweets and friends on twitter


  • @leplan – CEO and Co-Founder, InRev Systems
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