Brizzly – an awesome social web interface with a lovely ‘mute’ option

Brizzly is an excellent web interface for managing and using your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The site has all the features you require to use Twitter and a bit more. You can easily share videos and photos. Tracking trends and news is easy too.

Brizzly is one of those few apps that’s loved and used by twitter employees themselves! I particularly liked the way you can reply to Direct Messages, gives you that “Chat” window feeling. If you find a twitter user tweeting excessively, but don’t want to unfollow, you can actually “mute” the user as long as you wish to. That will take care of twitter users who occasionally become active and clog your timeline.

You can view any users profile, follow or unfollow them, add them to Twitter Lists etc. Brizzly also has support for multiple Twitter accounts. Apart from this, the Facebook integration rocks too!


  • Web interface for your social sites such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Supports multiple twitter accounts
  • @Reply, Direct Messages, Retweets etc. supported
  • Supports Twitter Lists feature
  • Mute twitter users without unfollowing them


Brizzly Says

Brizzly is a reader that works with Twitter and Facebook. It simplifies your browsing and updating experience, while adding a few nifty extras. We’ll take some of the work out of keeping up to date with the people, trends and news you want to know about.


  • Brizzly – A simple way to experience the social web


  • @brizzly – Brizzly is a social reader. You put your tweets in it.
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