BrandChirp – Grow your brand on Twitter

BrandChirp is FlashTweet rebranded and remade. It’s far better and more powerful than the previous version.

You can easily manage your brand on Twitter. Follow users based on search term and location. View users you are following based on their tweeting activity and credibility.

BrandChirp has multiple account support so that you do not have to worry about logging out and logging in for every twitter account that you have! You can submit any RSS feed and new posts would be tweeted automatically. Future tweets can be scheduled as well.


  • Manage your brand
  • Target Follow
  • Follow Stats
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Tweet RSS Feeds
  • Schedule Tweets

BrandChirp Says

Ever wonder what people are saying about your business? Well, now it’s easier than ever to track your brand and keep tabs on your company’s Twitter presence.


  • BrandChirp – Drive more traffic and sales from Twitter


  • @brandchirp – Drive more traffic and sales from Twitter.
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7 thoughts on “BrandChirp – Grow your brand on Twitter

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  6. Craig

    I used this tool for about two months just to test it out with my twitter accounts. It is a great way to:
    – target follow people in your market
    – push out quick tweets to different twitter accounts without having to log out
    – import latest activity on your site to your twitter via RSS
    – finding people in a specific location who are tweeting about a specific term or phrase.

    If you are a business that uses twitter as one of your social media marketing strategies this is a good tool to have in your arsenal.

    Well worth the $12/month.

    Peace Out!

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