blURL – twitter client that just displays tweets with links

bURL is for those who’ve always been complaining “It’s so boring to view tweets from users about what they do, all I want is interesting things they share”.

Well, now you can cut out all the boring talks from a twitter users timeline and view only those tweets that contains links.

You can retweet any of the links from the client. There’s no provision to tweet or fav or do anything else. All you can do is view tweets containing links and retweet them. You can further sort through the tweets by clicking the ‘Photos’ button which would let you view tweets containing links to pics.


  • Simple twitter web client to view tweets with links
  • Retweet links from the client
  • View tweets containing images or photos
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication


blURL Says

This simple Twitter client helps you separate the wheat from the chaff by looking through your Twitter feed and finds only tweets that people are linking to something.

It’s really simple and helps you find the most interesting stuff.


  • blURL – Separating the URLs from the tweets


  • @myachinghead – Loves all things Food, Wine, Beer and Cocktail.
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