Birdfeed – iPhone/iPod Touch twitter client

Birdfeed is an iPhone twitter client with a clean and simple design.

Birdfeed caches your tweets so that you do not have trouble tweeting when there’s a connectivity issue. Direct Messages are treated as SMS messages giving you a feeling of having a real private chat conversation.

The app has a Refresh Timestamp feature that lets you tell the app where to load tweets from when you start the app again.


  • Twitter client for iPhone / iPod Touch
  • Caches tweets
  • SMS-style Direct Messages
  • Notifications that make sense
  • Refresh Timestamps


Birdfeed Says

We developed Birdfeed because we have our own strongly held opinions about what we want from a Twitter client, and they don’t exactly match anything else out there. Some of this (the simple, friendly design; the embrace of iPhone-native user experience concepts; the focus on messaging and notifications) is hopefully apparent in 1.0. Some of what we want to do will take some time. We have a fairly ambitious road map, and hopefully the differentiation of our vision will only become more apparent over time.


  • BirdFeed – A very nice Twitter client for your iPhone


  • @birdfeedapp – A very nice Twitter client for your iPhone.
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