Bettween – track conversations between twitter users

Bettween helps you easily track conversations between twitter users.

If you are someone who’s curious to find out what two twitter users are talking about, or want to spy on someone, or just want to pass time eavesdropping, Bettween can come in handy.

The site also displays hot conversations which you can track with the click of a button.


  • Track conversations between two twitter users
  • View hot conversations and track them


Bettween Says

Bettween is a Twitter-based app that allows peepers, voyeurs or any curious person out there track any conversation between @users from the famous micro-blogging platform in an easy, clean and ordered way, even if you don’t follow any of the participants of the conversation nor you’re a Twitter member.


  • Bettween – The ultimate Twitter conversation tracker


  • @bettween – The ultimate Twitter conversation tracker
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One thought on “Bettween – track conversations between twitter users

  1. Aswin.K

    I have a hashtag and i need to know how many users mentioned my tags and how mnay times they mentioned it, how to find out?

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