BackAtYou – helps you create and manage social media campaigns

BackAtYou is meant for social media marketers and for users who wish to run and track social media campaigns. You can create campaigns for facebook and twitter as well as run email campaigns.

The app is not free, however you can signup and see how things work. I liked the easy way in which you can create discount coupons to be shared with your twitter followers.

BackAtYou wants to make it easy for you to start, run and track social media campaigns and hopefully see it go viral. The company has created a process that guides you through best practices to get the most out of your marketing campaign.


  • Easily create and manage social media campaigns
  • Campaigns for twitter, facebook and email
  • Track your campaigns and see how well or how bad it does
  • Get guidance on your marketing campaigns

BackAtYou Says

We created a technology platform where the time to create, build and launch a marketing promotion went from days if not weeks, to less than 30 minutes. We made the platform available to any sized business, at a fraction of the cost and more robust than ever.

Gone are the days where a company or marketing agency needs to build a custom page or Facebook App, or jump from site to site to create different promotions or measure analytics. Back At You is the one place to build, launch, manage and analyze all your marketing promotions.


  • BackAtYou – Create, track and manage social media campaigns on twitter and facebook


  • BackAtYou_ – Create a social media promotion the right way and watch your online followers grow and become more engaged! Back At You is your promotion’s best friend!
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2 thoughts on “BackAtYou – helps you create and manage social media campaigns

  1. Flo

    Hi there mr. nischal.. I would like to know where you get your updates about twitter. 🙂 I would really appreciate if you answer my query. Thanks!

  2. Nischal Shetty Post author


    I get a lot of apps submitted here by the developers. Twitter itself is a good source of twitter apps. I occasionally search google for new twitter apps as well.

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