AutoTweeter – Desktop twitter application for automatic tweets

AutoTweeter is a java based twitter application developed to help you schedule your tweets.

Jot down the tweets that you want to be tweeted into a text file and schedule the time interval after which the tweets should go out. AutoTweeter tweets each line in the specified text file at intervals as set by you.

Being a java application, AutoTweeter should run on any platform. It needs JRE 1.6 (don’t worry, it would most probably be already installed in your pc). There’s no installation for AutoTweeter. You can start using it right after you download it to your PC.

You can start and stop the auto tweets through the context menu. The application is smart enough not to tweet an already tweeted line in a given file.

There are some nice ways in which you can put this application to use. Write different types of “Good Morning” messages for your twitter friends and schedule it to be tweeted everyday in the morning. You can even search for some inspirational quotes and schedule them!

Update: AutoTweeter has been completely revamped, especially the user interface. Users have more options now. The application now has a free as well as paid version.

Managing multiple twitter files has become dead simple with the new user interface. URL shortening has been introduced as well.


  • Set tweets to be tweeted at regular time intervals
  • Java based desktop application supports all types of OS
  • Needs JRE 1.6
  • Start and Stop auto tweets anytime you wish


AutoTweeter Says

Autotweeter is a freeware twitter client !! AutoTweeter has a foolproof configuration window,easy learning curve.And above all , platform independent.

  • AutoTweeter – Desktop application to schedule twitter tweets


  • @tintin85 – java developer,speed junkie,eng movie buff
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54 thoughts on “AutoTweeter – Desktop twitter application for automatic tweets

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  5. PJ

    Autotweeter will NOT continually send out tweets even if you change the configuration to “1” in the Properties file as is claimed in the user manual. This is very annoying, and I have tried everything to fix this but after it runs through all your tweets on your on your mytweetfile it defaults back to the number 9, which means it STOPS.. Don’t download, this is CRAP!

  6. Tito Cheriachan

    I am the author of autotweeter.I have the solution for the above problem listed by PJ.

    You cannot edit the properties file while autotweeter is running.The above person tried editing the properties file while autotweeter is running which is not possible.Thats why it defaults back to 9 which the currently tweeted line.

    So please dont edit autotweeter property file while its running.Stop autotweeter.Exit the application.Edit the property file and start.This should solve the problem.

  7. PJ

    Hello Tito,
    Thank you for your response on this, and I am sorry if I sounded so upset and called your program “crap”, but I was using your program to do auto-tweets with important information for the Iranian protesters such as how to treat tear gas, cuts and bruises, and I was very frustrated your program kept defaulting back to 9. I will try it again as you suggested when the program is not running. Thanks again for your response on this!

  8. Tito Cheriachan

    Thats ok. I could have easily put the option for resetting the tweetfile.But spammers can make use of it and tweet repeatedly the same tweets.Thats why I made it manual.Make sure you exit the program fully before editing the tweetfile or property file.

    Tip: You can use multiple tweetfiles.And not a single tweetfile alone.Just change the tweetfile name in the configuration and it will take that file and start tweeting,But remember to reset the LAST_TWTEETED_LINE to 1 if you are using a new tweetfile.

    I am sorry for the inconvinience caused to you.I will be updating the usermanual today.

  9. PJ

    I emailed this question to you at but received no response so here it is. I followed your advice and changed the last auto tweet line number to 1:


    The program was not running as you stated it needed to be done this way, but once again the program will not continually send my tweets, it reverts back to 9 as soon as it’s done tweeting all my messages in mytweetfile.

    Isn’t this program suppose to keep sending tweets if you change the lasttweeted line to 1 continuously, even 24hrs a day? It’s not doing this, so please clarify what is going on as this is very frustrating. Or can you recommend another program that actually works?


  10. Nischal Shetty Post author


    As far as I can say, the program doesn’t tweet the same file repeatedly and this has been done deliberately by @Tito to prevent spam.

    Once you change the number to 1, it would start from that line and go on until the last line and then stop again!

    You would have to again stop the app and change the number back to 1 if you want it to auto tweet.

    BTW, if your twitter account continuously updates the same tweets over and over again, it would eventually be caught by the twitter spam algorithm and there’s every chance of the account being suspended. So use this app wisely 🙂

  11. PJ

    @Nischal Shetty

    Yes, this is what I explained to Tito, but his reply was that if you change the value to 1 on the last tweeted line config, it would indeed continuously keep tweeting non-stop -please see his reply above. Otherwise, what is the point of calling this Auto Tweeter if it stops once it has tweeted everything in your tweet file? Even his advertising of the program has “tweet while you sleep” in it.

    I was using this program to give helpful info to the Iranian protesters, and because many of them can only check Twitter sporadically, I need a program that can continue to tweet my messages 24hrs a day, which includes messages on treating tear gas, cuts, and physical damage caused by the anti-riot Iranian police. Of course I wouldn’t keep this going on forever, but at least during the day of the riot episode.

    I am totally frustrated with this program, so if anyone knows of a Twitter program that indeed does continuously send tweet messages non-stop without having to reconfigure it all the time please contact me.

    Thank you.

  12. Tito Cheriachan

    Hi PJ, Seems like you are having trouble using Autotweeter.As Nischal has rightly said.Autotweeter do not allow you to spam twitter with the same tweets again and again.That is why i deliberately made it manual to reset the last tweeted line.I think autotweeter do not solve your problem of sending the same tweets repeatedly in an infinite loop.I don’t want autotweeter to be known as a twitter spam tool.You can use some other available automatic twitter clients for your requirements.Remember, twitter keeps a count on your tweets and if you spam it,your account will be deactivated.So take this word of advice too.

    I will give you a quick fix.If you want to sent out 24 tweets in 24 hours.Add 24 tweet lines to tweetfile and set the time interval in configuration window as 60 minutes (1 hour).So it will sent out each tweet per hour and will complete tweeting in 24 hours.If you want to sent out the same tweets again and again.Duplicate the same tweets in the tweet file and set the time interval accordingly.You can edit the tweet file manually without using add new tweets options.Remember to exit autotweeter before editing the tweetfile/configuration files manually.

    If you got any more doubts regarding these,please revert back.I will be always happy to help.

  13. PJ


    Thank you for your response. I think my responses made it clear already that I already understood that you do not want your program used as a SPAM tool. That was NOT the issue here, nor was the issue that I did not understand what you were saying.

    The problem is that you assumed people knew your program was not an “infinite loop” program as you stated last to me. To the general public, “autotweet” means just that, you set it, and it automatically does it’s job until you tell it to stop. You also need to understand that just because a program has an “infinite loop”, this does not mean it would be used as SPAM. As I stated previously, I wanted to use this program to help the Iranian protesters, and if my Twitter account is canceled because I kept posting the same helpful and possibly life saving information on an infinite loop, then so be it, at least maybe I helped someone in process. However, that should be my decision to make, and my responsibility.

    You as the programmer have every right to make your program do as you wish, and if you do not want an infinite loop on it that is fine, that is not my complaint here. My complaint is that you never mentioned there is no infinite loop from the beginning, using those words which are plain and simple to understand. When you told me to change the last tweeted line to 1, I assumed this meant the program was now on an infinite loop, since that is what I told you I was looking for the program to do. I would kindly suggest to you to make this more clear in your instructions and especially on your website, and to use the words “cannot perform an infinite loop” so that others like myself are not fooled into thinking the words “auto tweet” mean just that, that the program will keep sending auto tweets automatically until you turn it off. I already have many friends who I turned on to your program who thought the same thing I did and are just as frustrated. The problem is not that we are not understanding your directions, the problem is that the directions are not making clear what this program will and most importantly, will NOT do, which is an infinite loop.

    Best Regards.

    PS: Please note I never received any responses when I emailed you directly about this to your email address.

  14. Tito Cheriachan

    I have updated a new user manual which will allow users to know exactly what the program is and how to use it the way they wanted.You can directly download the user manual in PDF form here.

    The autotweeter is still in alpha or beta state.An alpha or beta means, the program is not finalized or stable.Also its a freeware.I appreciate in your use of twitter to help Iranian people.Keep up the good work. You can use online webtools like Twaitter for scheduling your tweets if autotweeter do not fit into your requirements.I understand from your comments that autotweeter is not user friendly.I am currently in the process of revamping the entire app and adding new features too.I am sure you will be happy with the next release.Thanks a lot for the creative comments.If you like to we can have a chat about the issues you are facing by gtalk. You can add this id titomc AT gmail dot com

  15. PJ

    Thank you Tito, I appreciate the notice. Hopefully your future program will indeed offer an “infinite loop” option, and you can always add that you are not responsible if this option is abused or if it causes your twitter account to be canceled – in other words, use at your own discretion and liability.

    Thanks again for your professional responses.

  16. Phalrus

    after un accent letter like é the application eats the 2 letters after

    exemple é12lo becomes élo


  17. John

    I am happy with autotweeter.They give cool customer support too.I dont know for you..for me its worth the money I give.Just curios..u must be a marketting guy from tweetautomator ?? . i dont see any reason why this cool and handly software be low priced.

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  19. Michell

    this program is not good for persons who dont think the program is not good.It has made my life least on the twittering part.I can queue up tweets and go for fishing 🙂 . this program is definitely good for me IMHO.

  20. Auto Tweet Info

    I am looking for a quick and inexpensive auto tweet program to use for my website. This AutoTweeter program looks like a nice little tool to take care of my badic auto tweeting requirements. While I prefer to do real time tweeintg, sometimes a delayed tweet is just better for the situation.

  21. Steve

    Thanks but this is not freeware. The free version is useless as it doesn’t send out auto-tweets at all. Deceptive advertising.

  22. sheila

    Is this a program that allows tweeters to cause their tweets to be tweeted by each of their followers? Cause I have a specific person I have blocked and have been unsuccessful in getting them to STOP tweeting a million tweets as if they are from me. I feel this is a violation of a tweeter’s privacy, but the person refuses to stop. Other friends of mine say they have the same thing happening..what’s up with all these apps that allow manipulators to try and multiply their tweets by using various twitter users’ accts to tweet their messages? replay

  23. Nischal Shetty Post author


    What you say can be done from absolutely many app. I can even go to and tweet out with your username in it. Nothing much can be done about it except blocking the twitter user and reporting them as spam. Ask all your friends to block and report the twitter user as spam. This would make google suspend that twitter users account. When you visit a twitter users profile, there’s a ‘Spam’ button which you need to press.

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  25. maria

    I want to ask that is this work as twitter client? mean do it use api? is it limited by 150 api request per hour?

  26. Nischal Shetty Post author

    Yeah, it uses your API. Put since it “Posts” to twitter and doesn’t really pull information, the api limit would not be applied. Limit is applied only if information is requested from twitter.

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  29. william

    I’m not getting any tweets posted… I’ve been waitng over an hour now
    using the (tweet every 5 minutes)box checked..
    you made reference to a user manual a few posts up .. what users manual ?
    The Video tutorial have NO SOUND .. not very helpful at all.
    I downloaded the pro version because I though it would do more than the free
    version … maybe I mad a mistake ?? 🙁
    I might have to contact paypal…
    I had hig hopes for this app.
    was considering the Follow program as well… but if I can’t get this to work what would be the pint?
    sorry for my frustration with this !!
    I would love to be able to do multiple tweets at 5 min repeats !!!!

  30. Mitchell Brown

    I am using autotweeter for more than 5 months now.Its working very well without a hitch .I bought the other app also from them called autofollower too.Its small and efficient tool. I spent 19$ for autotweeter and 9$ for autofollower.And after 5 months,I can say my returns are very much worth.seems like the above person had a bad day using the softwares. But I rate 5 stars.Just love the app and the customer support.Thank u for introducing this app to me.

  31. Eric Bowers

    I bought this a while ago and now my autotweeter unregistered and won’t register at all now.

    Please help. I have hit up every email address that I have come accross but get bounce backs and no responses.

  32. Eric

    @Tito, I have emailed you at both those email addresses and I get a bounced back email msg. Just let me know why my email ericbthe1 AT hotmail dot com does not register.

  33. Sadia Khoory

    Nice app.Now my news are autotweeted.My customers do not mind the autotweeting.Thanks for listing this app.

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  35. JF_Marin

    Is it possible to use an option AutoTweeter to the following: Each time an electrical device is running or not running, a tweet is sent automatically. Thank you for your feedback.

  36. Tim Maxey

    Thanks a bunch! Using the app for clients. Looking into seeing if we could setup multiple tweet account, not for spamming, but for real tweeting…

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