Aumio – Make your deals go viral on twitter and facebook

Aumio isn’t really a full fledged twitter app but it makes smart use of twitter and facebook to help business owners make their deals go viral.

Apart from this being useful the reason I’m profiling this app here is because of the cute site design and the cuter email that was sent to me. I’m posting the email contents for all of you to read :

Twi5 friendz,
Me launched a new site to viralize time-sensitive deals through group unlocking –plz check
In me site people need to share deals to unlock them –before they’re over. Plz check sample at
Me use Pro Beta to shorten URLs –brands get real-time stats for their deals.
Me lazy baby Panda. Me want humanz tell me new features over Twitter. Me will release features every week. Fun fun fun and yummy!
Thankz you Twi5!
(P.S.: Me know me app isn’t like other Twitter apps in Twi5 -but hope you like it anywayz.)


  • Create deals and make them go viral
  • Users have to share deals on twitter and facebook before the deals are unlocked

Aumio Says

Share deals -the fun way! Let followers unlock deals by sharing them on social networks.


  • Aumio – Make your deals go viral


  • @getaumio – Me a baby Panda, me like bamboo play sleep. Me have a new site to play save and have fun -me want you happy.
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