AlertThingy is an Adobe AIR based desktop twitter app that lets you send and receive tweets.

AlertThingy is not as sophisticated and feature rich as the 2 most popular Adobe AIR apps for twitter namely TweetDeck and Twhirl but it has its own advantages with option to add not only twitter but a host of other sites such as Tumblr, Digg, FaceBook etc.

The app also provides the option to filter updates into 3 categories namely, Interesting, Very Interesting and Less Interesting.

AlertThingy is basically for those looking at adding several different status update sites to a single Adobe AIR application.


  • Support for multiple sites such as twitter, Digg, FaceBook etc.
  • Filter your friends updates into Interesting, Very Interesting and Less Interesting
  • Simple and intuitive interface making it easy to use
  • Integrated RSS reader so that you stay in touch with your feeds while you tweet


AlertThingy Says

All your social networks (including twitter, flickr, digg, facebook, jaiku, tumblr, TinyURL…) in one place!



  • @alertthingyA social network desktop client powered by adobe AIR
  • @HowardBainesA web strategy, design & development agency.
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