AddATweet – comment anywhere on the web with a twitter account

Twitter wants to be ubiquitous on the web and I guess with all the third party apps being developed it would not take too long. AddATweet is one such application that wants you to use twitter on any site you wish to!

You would first need to install the Mozilla Firefox plugin to start using the cool features that AddATweet has to offer you. Once you have the plugin installed, all you need to do is surf the web as you would and click the AddATweet icon appearing on your Firefox when you wish to leave a comment on any site.

You can view comments left by others, have the comments tweeted to your twitter account and even reply to comments which would then be nested as replies.


  • Mozilla Firefox extension
  • Comment anywhere on the web
  • Reply to comments, replies are nested
  • Post the comments as twitter updates


AddATweet Says

AddATweet’s mission is to make every page on the Internet commentable.

Today, commenting systems are implemented by individual web sites and have no ability to talk to each other. Users are typically anonymous or must create accounts on each of these sites. Also, comments are often moderated, preventing people from truly being able to express themselves when their opinions are in contrast with those of the web site owner.

We believe that there is a need for a global commenting system. One that lets users comment on any page on the Internet, based on free speech principles.

Want to change the world? Support free speech by inviting your friends to AddATweet.



  • @addatweet – Simplest way to add a comment to any web page.
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