– petitions and events on Twitter is for twitter users who wish to fight for a cause using social media as a tool.

The site has some powerful activism tools that help spread the cause which you want to support. Petition any Twitter user. People sign simply by tweeting, and the person petitioned can respond instantly. You can start an event and make it go viral around the world.


  • Start petitions on twitter
  • Create and spread events in your area
  • Help fight for a cause

twitter-apps-act-ly-tweet-change-petitions-activism Says

Fire up your followers with simple, powerful activism tools designed to take full advantage of Twitter.


  • – Twitter activism. Petitions and Events


  • @actly – Petitions designed for Twitter
  • @jgilliam – a geeky activist building internet tools to shake up a broken political system.,,,, and
  • @slowdive – designer of,,, and too many other sites to count
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